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Financial help for dementia sufferers and carers

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My parents are both 80 years old and living on state benefits and a minimal war pension. My mum has developed dementia over the past four years (waiting for a full assessment) are they entitled to any benefits as her symptoms have gotten rapidly worse in recent months which is having a huge financial impact on my father and myself.

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Hi, I know you can get 25% off council tax, I have dementia myself lol, it’s well worth going to CAB because they know everything and also help filling the forms in, I live alone and I’ve found them brilliant, there could be a bit different because age as I’m only young and it’s early on set dementia.


Thank you for both replying and your advice, it seems like the very underfunded CAB are our only option as the government offer nothing more than a online calculation of benefits witch do not consider your circumstances. Thank you

You can claim attendance allowance. Call ASAP as they pay from first contact. Can take a while for claim to come through but it’s around £80 per week if she needs someone overnight. It’s not means tested either. If you want to inbox me when you get the form I can talk you through it or there is an organisation called DIAL who can help. You can also try for CHC funding but it’s very difficult to get. Good luck xx

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Thanks I’ll give them a call today.

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Vonnieruth in reply to Bubbyjoey

What about PIPS no harm in trying

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Bubbyjoey in reply to Sarah1972

Thanks sorry I’ve taken some time to reply but I may inbox you if I have trouble with the form xx

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Please do as have to be so careful. In the meantime I’m sure I have a copy of my mums and I was awarded full rate straight away xx

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I would say attendance allowance and see what the council can offer in terms of rate reduction. Good luck to you. Xxxxx

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Hi Bubbyjoey,

I see you've already had some really good advice on your way forward with this, and I can't add anything more that would help you. So, as one of this forum's ambassadors, I'd just like to welcome you here, hope that this helps you to get what's needed, and to say that we hope you'll let us know how you get on.

Very best wishes.

Hi Bubbyjoey

Once your mum has been formally diagnosed you or your dad can try to claim Attendance Allowance on her behalf, it's awarded based on how much help a person needs- this can include anything from personal care to arranging appointments, cooking meals, doing laundry etc. Currently it's about £55 per week at the Lower Rate, £88 at Higher Rate for ppl who need more care or need help during the night.

If she is awarded this benefit your dad can then claim a Council Tax discount as you mum will be exempt so he is classed as a single person (assuming no one else lives in the house with them?)

He may be eligible for Carers Allowance £65 per week, but this can be affected by the amount of pension he receives. He could also apply for Pension Credit.

Age UK may be able to help with filling in the forms, always put in AS MUCH info as possible, the more you put, especially for Attendance Allowance, the more likely they are to receive it - include every little thing that your mum needs help with, even ordering prescriptions, making appointments etc. But don't claimuntil she has a proper diagnosis!

The benefits are claimed through DWP, councils tax reduction through your local council, but she must be receiving Attendance Allowance in order to claim this.

Good luck!

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Bella395 in reply to ValRMN

ValRMN - Bubbyjoey’s father is said to be 80 years of age. He is therefore not eligible for Carers Allowance as it is not given to people who are in receipt of state pension.

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ValRMN in reply to Bella395

Yes it is! But it may be offset by other benefits and is taxable!

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Bella395 in reply to ValRMN

Please could you provide a link which backs this up?

State pension and Carers Allowance are overlapping benefits. Explanation here:

Hello , the main one is attendance allowance but in the case of Dementia there is a lot of other help available too. It can change the amount of any council tax you pay or rates as many older people know it. A tip ring the pensions department and they can help you with a form and advice or the local Age UK and social services . If they are on a war pension no matter how small the local SAFA group or exservicemens charity can help you make claims ect. Hope info helps.

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Bubbyjoey in reply to katieoxo60

Thanks to everyone for your advice and the lovely welcome and I will keep you updated on my progress x

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