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Everyone needs friends. People they can talk to, a shoulder to cry on. But there are times when friends disappear like smoke in the wind. Often when you most need them. Like when a loved one gets a diagnosis of serious illness.

Illness can be the most isolating thing in the world. Who can you turn to for help? Fortunately, there are all sorts of charities and local groups that offer support – many of them just round the corner. Finding them can sometimes be a challenge.

From local support groups to dementia cafes, who have you found to be your friend in a time of need? Share your experience and tips with other Community members who may be struggling at the moment. We’d love to hear from you.

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It is so true that some friends disappear over time when you have a partner with a long-standing illness. You cannot do the things you used to do and therefore you lose touch with those people. If your husband walks at a snails pace that too can prevent people from wanting the odd day out at the seaside or park. We have overcome that to some extent by getting a buggy but that too has its problems. Some friends will stay no matter what and these are the ones to value. Maybe you don't see people so often and that isolates you too. I have lost count of the people who tell me I must "do something for myself". The question they never answer is when. I have support from an organisation called Carers First who will listen and help if they can Life as a carer is difficult but if you love someone you do it with a good heart



You are so right about friends disappearing like smoke when things get uncomfortable. This site is a great place to vent cry and get advice and encouragement without fear of friends disappearing . We all understand and can support each other through our disappointments and triumphs. Hugs


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