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New Dementia Charity

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Hello, I am trying to identify the potential need for a new charity to support those living with dementia who do not have any close friends or family to help them manage their finances. Those who are vulnerable to scams or people taking advantage could have bankers donate their time to look keep an eye on their accounts. If anyone can tell me an area they wish there was more support available I would really appreciate that. Many thanks!

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Hi, I have Vascular Dementia, I live in Southport.

I was diagnosed 4year ago and we have two support groups here, one is run by Mersey care part of NHS.

This group is open only too people like me who has early-on-set Dementia and we have another group that is used by any age dementia and is run by a lovely lady who’s husband has early on set dementia, it’s open for sufferers with carers to look after them.

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Hi KatyHamer, Welcome to this forum, and that's an interesting proposition. A well run and responsible charity such as that probably would be welcome for some people and I guess the only obvious problem with it as a concept is that the very people who would need most help financially are the ones who are most vulnerable and also least able to access it.

But maybe others here may be able to suggest ways in which such a charity could be of service.

Hello and thank you for your response. Yes, I think that's the gap that I'm finding. The point would be to support those who don't have anyone therefore how do we identify these people? I'm thinking work with social services, carers and befrienders to train them to spot the signs of financial 'abuse'. And be a service to which friends and family can go to with worries or concerns about vulnerable people.

Hi Katy I work with dementia I'm a senior Many in residentia lhomes have no visitors but have family with power of attorney so they deal with finances This also happens outside when they are still at home It would be good to have advocates to act on their behalf

As I do more research I'm wondering if the gap is the need for more befriended type roles to be filled to keep an eye and report any worried to the relevant authorities who already have financial safe guarding procedures in place. Would you agree or have any other suggestions? I think this could then cover older people in general and encourage them to appoint things like power of attorney before dementia develops. Also could help keep people wise to scams if another person is around to give a second opinion.

You are on right lines there People with training should be able to pick up on any concerns they may have with who they visit on a general all round assessment Report back to management who can contact relevant professional

Power of attorney is not cheap and the person needed to have full capacity to do this There is also power of attorney for welfare besides financial both are seperate

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