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I my husband was diagnosed with Alzheimer's just over a year ago, as far as I understand he is still in the early stages and is on medication which helps I realiseit is a progressive illness with no cure so I try to enjoy the good days and we somehow muddle through the bad!

He also has prostate probs. (common in aman of his age - 79) we saw consultant today and were assured no cancer but to be checked again in a year, husband has been convinced he had cancer for a long time and I get fed up hearing him go on. Would have though he would have show n some relief at today's clinic but no reaction. Possibly that is to do with the mental health prob.. he never has been good at seeing the positive I know that I am pleased to have a rest from urology clinic.

Will be (I hope) a quiet Xmas for us and I am living a very different "old age" than what I had envisaged However life goes on and we will enjoy Xmas in a way that suit us . Hope all the others on Care for Life enjoy the season. Thanks for reading

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Hi foxglove

I'm so sorry to hear that, I've lived with relatives who are on the cusp of alzheimers and that was difficult so I can't imagine what you're going through.

I don't know what to suggest apart from keeping doing the wonderful and supportive things you are doing. Take time to look after yourself too, make sure you have some support and friends around.

Merry Christmas to you both xx

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Thanks for your reply and Xmas wishes to both of us...appreciated...merry Xmas to you also!!!

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