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Greetings all, My name is Ann, I am 60 years young and have been suffering with degenerative arthritis in the spine, spondylothesis and scoliosis for a very long time. After trying an assortment of medications, having some really horrible side effects, I am now back to the beginning and surviving on solpadol. Not and ideal situation but they do help a little. My distraction techniques are knitting, music, audio books and reading, family history. My husband and I have two children, six grand kids, one who lives in South Africa. Our son and his wife live there. Our daughter lives in London. We came to the UK 16 years ago. Now living in Birmingham, I was born here and my parents emigrated to SA when I was seven. I spent over forty years over there. Living with chronic pain every day is challenging to say the least. My philosophy is to find something every day that I am grateful for and another that makes me smile. Have a very Happy Christmas everyone.

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  • Hi Ann - I hope things are a little easier for you at the moment. I have quite mild dehydration of the discs in my cervical spine and suffer pain most if the time but never so much that it stops me from doing what I need to do😀 My GP prescribed me with Amitryptilene which I've found does block the pain and helps me sleep at night. It's a small dose so the side effects aren't too bad. I find my condition's impact is very dependent on how I feel generally and the weather. I spent 16 days in California last summer and the pain almost disappeared! James

  • Hi, good to meet you. I have tried the amytriptyline but feel so drowsy the next day that I only use it when I am totally shattered. I agree with you, in that the weather can have a big impact on this illness. I spent nearly forty years in South Africa and since moving back to the UK where I was born, the effects have been horrendous. Ann.

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