What makes a good care home?

Hello everyone. I wanted to see if anyone here had advice on how to look for and choose care homes? My dad has got to the point where we think he might need to go into a home. I have always tried to avoid thinking about this and with all the horrible stories you read in the news I'm really unsure about how to even go about researching this.

Sorry for the sad topic. Hope you all have a lovely Christmas

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  • Hi freezingspark,

    People. Always the people. The décor and furniture might be dazzling and new, but if the staff don’t take an interest in the residents and show them real compassion, would you want your loved one to live there?

    Care homes come in all shapes and sizes. The most important thing is to find somewhere your parent or relative would enjoy living and feel comfortable. Somewhere that’s home-from-home, where they will be safe, protected and loved.

    How about everyone else...have you just found the ideal care home? What did you look for, and what made the difference? We’d love to know your thoughts and experiences – why not share them with the Community?

    Best wishes,

    Simplyhealth team

  • Age UK have a guide on looking at care homes.

    Generally there is no substitute for doing "desktop" research (CQC website ) then visit them. Seek out visitors to ask their opinion (possibly outside the home so they give an honest feedback) Good luck ☺

  • It's not easy, but it helps to have a checklist of important points to look out for/questions to ask. Independent Living has a guide you mighty find useful: independentliving.co.uk/adv... As SimplyHealth Team said, the most important thing is the people - caring people make for good care! I hope you find somewhere nice for your dad.

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