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We found care at home

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Hi everyone. I think I mentioned this when I joined... I was in the process of finding carers for my grandmother who suffers from dementia. Now we've hired a company called Guardian Carers and we've been collaborating with them really nicely. We're going to interview some carers face to face ourselves. We have a personal consultant who is really nice and supportive. Has anyone here been through this process before? Have you hired a carer at home? How did it go? It's our first time. It would be great to know what to look out for or how your experiences have been

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That’s good news and I hope you find a great team of carers for your grandmother. Please ensure they fully understand what is expected of them as everyone with dementia is different.

I wish you all well. Xxxx

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ooopspossum in reply to sassy59

Hi sassy59,

Yes... such good news. We'll certainly make sure that it's understood. they took down all our requirements, they asked so many questions. We are in contact almost every day at the moment, so I think it will be fine.

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Hi ooopspossum,

I'm so glad you've found the professional carers you were hoping for. I'd absolutely agree with sassy59 in that it's imperative to take control and make sure everyone knows what's expected of them and to always check regularly that your wishes and expectations are being strictly observed. But hopefully all will be well and there won't be any concerns for you.

Thanks so much for your update, and I hope you'll post again in future, to let us know how it's worked out for you.

Very best wishes.

Thank you, Callendersgal. We've been looking for such a long time, but nothing seemed right. But right now it just does. From the start I had such a genuine feeling about them. We have a lovely personal consultant called Emma and she is so kind, warm and professional. She has suppprted us from the start. It's quite wonderful honestly. I'll check back to let you know how we're getting on and who we've decided on. We are now choosing some carers to interview.

So we've decided on a carer from the agency we've been speaking to, Guardian Carers, and we are very happy with our choice! We chose this lovely Filipino lady. Her name's Angelita. We really feel that she will do wonders. We have met her and spoke to her for almost 2 hours at the interview! We just couldn't stop talking. We instantly bonded. Because of that we even brought out my grandmother to meet her and she really liked her. It's good that she also has more than 8 years experience of working with dementia patients. She is fully equipped, which makes me really happy. I feel like I can breathe a little. This past year has been full-on, having to check in on her almost every day. This will put my heart at ease.

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CallendersgalAdministrator in reply to ooopspossum

So pleased you've found the perfect person ooopspossum, and I hope that everything goes well. With Angelita's help it should lighten your load considerably, and, as you say, enable you to breathe, safe in the knowledge that someone pleasant and competent is going to be taking care of your mum.

You did everything in the best possible way to make your choice and it's a great outcome. I do love a happy ending! Very best wishes to you all.

Hi Callendersgal. Thank you so much for your ongoing support. Even though I've not been posting very much I've gone on the forum quite often and read other people's posts. Really glad I found you. And yes, life seems to reach a more normal course.

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Hi ooopspossum, I'm so pleased to hear that life is on somewhat of a more even keel now. It's amazing how the right help can work wonders and I'm glad you've found the right person to assist with the care of your grandmother. I think it's quite usual for most of our members to post on and off, as their needs arise for support or information. Just glad to hear from you from time to time for an update, or any time you feel you want some help or just to give an opinion. It's your forum and please do use it however you wish. Still, we do love hearing how people are getting on from time to time. Take care and thanks for your update.


I was a Carer for 7 years and always went about and beyond because to me it was a vocation, not just a means to an end. Look for their eye contact when you talk about your gender mother, if it’s fixed on yourselves and not your grandmother usually they haven’t done the first step, to acquaint yourself with the person your caring for.

Check their levels of empathy and compassion, most carers have it, some dont, have they any experience in dealing with people with dementia, and above all patience.

Check that they are government registered and get a copy of their police check and references and that you would like a copy of their policy and rates so that their is no hidden costs eg extra time, if they are insured.Get at least 3 quotes and ask as many questions as you need to, as you need to feel that they are in good hands, ask what they are prepared to do and their does and don’ts, ask about bank holidays and do they get someone else in to care for your mother if they’ve on leave has the other person met your grandmother before, if not will they come with them a few times so that there is a consistency and smooth flow of care especially if she has a dietary problem and also how many will be looking after your grandmother and mileage, a file should be kept at your grandmothers which you are allowed to read with sheets of dates, times they come and go, there observations, what they did when they were there, signature and a separate mileage form consisting of date, mileage there and back, price per mile (eg 50p etc) and signature, if their would be prepared to take your grandmother out on a nice sunny day, check their responses to questions later that you wrote down later. I know it sounds longer winded but I never advertised my company it’s was all through word of mouth. The social services where your grandmother lives should have a list of government registered companies.

Kind Regards

Josie Anne

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