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I'm expecting my physically disabled mother-in-law to have to go into a care home in the near future, having just lost her husband and primary carer. We're heard that if the she can fund a care home out of her own funds for two years but can't continue much beyond that, the local authority would have to pick up the cost and she couldn't be forced to move homes. This would be in Wales if it makes a difference. Can anyone confirm or refute this please?

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  • Hello rogerc1957 and welcome to this community. I'm sorry to hear about your situation.Take a look at Can we afford care? in the pinned posts to the right of this screen.Hopefully that would provide some answers for you and I am sure other members of this community will be in touch if they have had similar experiences. Best wishes and please keep in touch.

  • She has enough money at present to pay for a home, but is worried about what happens when she runs out of funds or low on funds. She doesn't want her family to have to pay for her to stay in a home, so I go back to my original question about whether the local authority are obliged to cover the cost if she can't but has done so for at least two years?

    At present I don't think she has a social worker. She does have carers coming in three times a day to get her washed dressed and ensure she is getting a meal of some sort. She pays just over £73 per week towards it.

  • Hi Roger, not sure if this is going to help much or not, does your mother-in-law have a social worker, if she's does it may be worth approaching them about her going into a care home. My family's story is slightly different as mum was taken into hospital Xmas last year, April time ish, a meeting was held where it was decided she needed to go into a care home as she couldn't be looked after at home (despite my brother and sister still living there), the hospital social worker found her a place, she moved in in early May and seems settled. As the decision was made for us we haven't been asked, yet, for any financial contribution towards her care home fees, I'm in Bristol, I wish you and your family well over the coming weeks

  • Thanks Jennymary. I've begged the question again of the MAS Nurse because she's worried about what happens when her funds run out. We'll look into the social worker question though.

  • I would ring your local social services department. I believe that they will pick up the funding when savings run out but I don't know if your mother in law would be moved. It may depend upon the costs of the Home where she is residing.


  • Thanks Klr31.

  • Maybe ask about having a financial assessment too.


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