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Asking about Tongue reduction surgery places.. Other than Gosh

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Hi all,

I have a 4 months old baby with Bws and macroglossia.. wish to have the surgery for her in 2 months..

I have been mailing GOSH for a few weeks now.. they don't seem to be fast responders.. We are just losing time.. till now they haven't done any processing for our request..

So any other options please?

We still need a place familiar with the condition. Hoping to be in Europe as well..

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My daughter had tongue reduction surgery at GOSH six weeks ago. She is 17 months old. I don't think they will take referrals until they are six months old, and I'm not sure that they do the surgery until they are over one? The macroglossia service for children with BWS at GOSH are an amazing team. My daughters surgery has completely changed her appearance and we couldn't be happier with the outcome. The co-ordinator for the service at GOSH is Claire Yule and she is very helpful.

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Gloria2 in reply to Anna-Lisa

Did waiting till age of 17 months cause any protrusion of lower jaw and teeth of your baby ?

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Anna-Lisa in reply to Gloria2

My daughter had moderate macroglossia- she doesn't have any protrusion of the lower jaw as a result of waiting until she was 17 months for surgery. GOSH have a multidisciplinary team within this service, including orthodontists and plastic surgeons- so we were guided by their expert opinions.

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Gloria2 in reply to Anna-Lisa

Could u give me a contact if her?

Can I address her directly?

I know it's worrying but children do grow into there tongue....i know some need surgery but we waited as boys tube fed and managed to grow

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