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Tongue reduction for adults

Have just had an enquiry from someone who has suffered from macroglossia for around 50 years. Is anyone aware of a tongue reduction operation being performed on an adult? If, so is there any NHS trust in the UK with this experience. All advice would be most welcome.

Bob Baker

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Hi Bob. Possibly might get a quicker response/experiences from the bws f/bk group. or you could try St Louis hospital in the States where Dr Jeffrey Marsh has recently retired from (him being the guru of TR surgery) - they may have done some or know whom in the UK that has done. All the best. Jacinta, NZ



Many thanks for your reply. Am pursuing this through the UK. Our national centre for magroglossia is Great Ormond Street Hospital in London which is for children. Will bear your suggestion in mind though. Thanks once again.

Best wishes



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