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Been using Otomize ear spray for infection - has it made tinnitus worse?

Hi everyone. I’ve been suffering with bad T for about 8 weeks now. After going to the doctor’s twice, they finally took me seriously and diagnosed an ear infection in my left ear and gave me some Otomize ear spray to treat it. I used it for about 10 days - initially it seemed to work but since I’ve stopped using it the T is worse than ever - I’ve been having the worst spikes of my life. Now I’ve been making myself paranoid reading that the spray I used is otoxic and that it can cause tinnitus itself. Just wondering if that is the case.

This spike has made me feel the most depressed I’ve ever felt - I’ve honestly been wondering how to get through each day at the moment. I’m going to my local tinnitus support group tomorrow which I hope will help but I really can’t see a way through at the moment. I keep telling myself it will get better but I’m so up and down. Does anyone with experience of T after infection have any words of wisdom? I’ve also been researching those in-ear maskers online but they’re so expensive and some people say they make their T worse. I just don’t know what to do. Thanks for any responses.

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Hi BlueCricketer08,

My GP prescribed Otomize last year when I had an inflamed ear canal (I already had T). It didn’ t make my tinnitus worse and the inflammation calmed down.

The BTA is the best organisation that we have to support us - probably the only one in fact!

Can I suggest that you look at their website and perhaps join, and you will receive copies of their quarterly magazine Quiet. There are friendly people at their office too who will be able to offer advice.

This forum has lots of positive posts to help you on your tinnitus journey. It does settle down and you can forget about it, it takes time though. Mine is 4 years old this month and I didn’t believe I would ever habituate, but I have, with the odd bothersome day.

Angela xx

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Thanks so much for the support Angela. I think this initial period of tinnitus is probably by far the worst, I’m learning the hard way. I just can’t wait until it gets to the point where it doesn’t bother me.


I have one of them maskers I have two of them sometimes they help and sometimes they don't. At least you have a support group to go to I got nowhere to go to and my tinnitus is real loud as well


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