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Illness for 3 months


Illness for nearly 3 months, very worried.

Kayley12345Kayley12345 2 hours ago 8 Replies

I've been unwell for two months now, I've been to the hospital about 4 times, they Say I've been surffing from a viral infection, bit surely it wouldn't go on for two months? I've developed symptoms of a chronic sinus infection, I've got constant pressure in my head, front and back. the doctor said I've also got a middle ear infection because she can see fluid in both ears, I've got constant ringing noises in my ears that drives me crazy! I sometimes have to put tissue in my ears just to drown at the high pitched tones, I'm also having pain in my neck and back, also in my chest! I've always got drainage down the back of my throat and i have trouble swallowing and moving my jaw with also pain. My blood test results so that i've got a low white count and a vitamin d deficiency. I'm feel so dizzy and sick too. I'm very worried about it because I have symptoms of so many horrible things such as different cancers. I feel as though I aren't getting the right help from the doctors, please sure any helpful information, i'm thinking of going for an MRI, would it be worth it in this case? As my migraines are quite bad, thank you.

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It sounds like you have a lot going on medically - all you can really do in this situation is put yourself in the hands of the healthcare professionals and trust that they know what they're doing. Whilst there are some very caring people on this forum, I'm not sure that anyone's going to be better placed than your doctors to offer a diagnosis.


I do feel for you. It is indeed very frustrating to be ill for so long and still can’t get to the bottom of what’s going on. Believe me, there is still a lot that iremains unexplainable within the medical field and I am sure your doctors are doing their best with the information or results that they have so far. Have faith and continue to engage with them. You might want to get your general immune system checked


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