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Anxiety attacks

A few weeks ago after a period of stress I developed a high pitched tone/ hiss which is all consuming.

I know this is Tinnitus even though it originates mainly from my head I am filled with fear and anxiety as it is with me 24/7.

I dread the approach of bedtime as nights really are a nightmare there is a constant knot in my stomach as I think of the long night ahead and the panic attacks I will suffer as my wife sleeps beside me. I have speaker under my pillow but nothing masks this tone/hiss that penetrates everything I try to use.

Has anybody else had T that seems unmaskable and is it my imagination or is it increased as I try soothing sounds.

Can you advise me in my pursuit of sleep as II feel I could face each day a lot better with rest.

I am recently retired so I try to busy myself best I can but this high pitch is constant.

I badly need some respite.

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Hi, I know exactly what you are going through at the moment my tinnitus is also high pitched and as you say night time can be the worst.

I use a sound machine at night with a pillow speaker also. What I found when I first used it was the tinnitus did appear to be more apparent , perhaps because you tend to listen more for it over the sounds you listen to but persevere and experiment with the different sounds because I found and it did take a good few days that you train yourself to mask the tinnitus. I find the best sounds are white noise plus water running myself as my tinnitus is constant pitch and the white noise is also.

I have tried to avoid medication to sleep so far but this is also an option for us folk also sometimes even if its a temporary measure until you can get a good nights sleep to get on top of things.

I wish you all the best to get on top of this horrible problem




Thanks for taking the time to reply great help

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Good evening. I know what it is like. The first stage is without doubt the worst. Hang in there and get through this awful period. When mine started I had two hours sleep in three days. I was walking around the house at night slowly going mad.

I went to my gp and got zopiclone sleeping pills. They got me through the difficult times. If you get a good sleep then it puts you in a better place to deal with things.

Listen to your gp. There is no point being a miserable hero.

Things will get easier. I wish you well and know that you can get the better of this



Thanks Ade


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