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Spike and block

So i've just found this forum as i'm guessing the old one moved so i've had to rejoin.

This morning i was fine until i lay on my right ear for a second then it spiked and blocked and is still blocked and ringing with my usual friend but louder and not giving up, it's been so long since this happened. Can anyone give me any ideas what to do please? i have my fluticasone spray (spelling) . and i can't remember which antihistamine is non ototoxic. The right side of my face feels hot and ear feels full and blocked and slightly painful, is this my eustachian glitching and it will pass or a bad spike? Just after a little reassurance really as it doesn't normally last so long like this.

Thank you, kirsty xx

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This could be written by me. I don't know how to answer, I just hope and wish for it to subside to what it was before and sometimes it does. I can't lie on the right side, my ear always blocks and my face goes fuzzy.