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A Little help

All I have found that this works a bit to ease the suffering:

You match your "T" frequency using the top frequency bar and when you select play ACRN it plays a set of frequencies around your own. I actually find the single frequency to be of most help.

It is also useful for demonstrating to those around you exactly what you are experiencing sound wise !!!

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hi london 20 i agree the single frequency is best to reproduce the T, so that others may near it not sure if its any great help for me though yet!!!!!!! i think its great that someone has reproduced the T. sounds though and it may help through time to lead to a cure!!!!!!!!!!!!!


hi london 20,what volume do you use with this?


I set it just below my "T" noise

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thanks, and how long do you use it for? now mnay sessions?


To be really honest I only use it when I think about it, the trouble with it is that it is very intrusive (even through ear phones) to other people. The younger they are the worse it is for them. I tend to listen to it when I am alone and for about 30 mins to 1 hour. For me it does knock the severity of the "T" down a few notches.


thanks, im usually alone most days so wouldnt affect anyone else


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