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Ending 2020 with Chest Infection & Relapsing Nephrotic Syndrome


Sorry Lung Buddies but not the happiest of posts.

So Tuesday felt the familiar pain in chest and lo and behold yesterday the mucus is green. Cue phone call appointment with GP.

Well is it part of the lovely Covid i got in hospital? or has the Haemophilis I woken up? or is it just Bronch exacerbation ?

Whatever it it on to rescue AB of Clarithromycin. So far so good until we looked at the Meds I'm on for the Nephrotic Syndrome ( think swelling starting in ankles, rapidly spreading up legs into abdomen and culminating in chest as Pleural Effusions all due to protein imbalance )

Part of this symdrome is increased risk of blood clots, it raises your Cholesterol levels, Reduces Calcium & more so we have to weigh up the balance & decide go with AB's and stop some of the others hence I have 3 cupboards of medicines so I don't get confused ( Brain Fog from Covid not helpful )

On top of everything got to continue the " Devil's TeeTacs ) Steroids which still causing Awful Insomnia

And fnally to give you all a laugh :

7a.m try for sleep, go to bed ......

7.30 wake up with Nosebleed quickly swing legs round so don't bleed all over the duvet and....... bang , fall off the bed and end up under the dressing table OUCH

Anyway as we draw near to 2021 wishing you all the best health and happiness

Keep smiling

Keep Safe


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So sorry your poorly again. Did you do sputum sample for GP? That may show up if you have infection. Alternatively your GP could test your CRP to see if that’s elevated. Could be dodgy to ignore an infection. Hope you feel better soon x

shouty in reply to Mooka

oh its letting me reply again wifi problemsthank you for your kind reply.

Luckily i was able to get bloods done and CRP was on the form .

so will continue with Clarithromycin till i have a phone appointment on the 5th Jan. Do hope you are keeping well, Stay safe, Hattie

Glad you're able to keep your humour ! Don't know if it helps you but taking Blood pressure at home-bought from Boots-higher blood pressure indicates infection before mucus etc.

Thank you that

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