Hi peeps! well halfway through yet another punishing week in the T.C rehab! am proper tired and achy today, think its cos ive not been looking after myself prior to the weekend, NOT that im doing much i shouldnt(am still ale n drug free, yeh baby!) just that ive eaten nowt but crap for a few days!! am back in the kitchens 2moro though, so,can get back on my super duper healthy eating plan. its true what they say, you are what you eat...eat crap=fell like crap! as im new to most of all this i suppose its just a learning curve? wont be falling off again though LET ME TELL YOU! feel terrible! also am tired an run down as ive been ou the house yday and didnt get much sleep last nite, but i am a soldier so will soldier on. my best freinds life story 2nite at the rehab and to be honest would of got an early night else,but shes been a good source of support for me an is proper funny,even if im really ill she still makes me laugh!an laughter is good for the soul.so, i will defo give her the support back 2nite.am still losing weight though,someone said that it should stop at some pont? i hope so as im 6ft2 and now weigh 10st 2llbs....Not a good look,Although my newly dyed mohican looks AMAZING! blue and purple,although im not to sure how some of the staff feel about it! still, individuality and uniqness are not part of my drug days nor addictive ways. so ill wear it with pride, up the minority!!

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  • Lovve the mohican. Yes food can be medicine. Hope you can work on improving your diet despite difficult circumstance. All the best.

  • Hi Bolly, glad you like the mo, am still trying to get the kitchen head to sort out my diet! have been referred to a dietician at long last,even if it has taken 12 weeks!! am back at the hosi in 2 weeks so hopefully should be eating batter by then! my last scan results from 2 weeks ago have been "explained" to me by the doc in the rehab and hes said that he doesnt know why ive got pain in the liver area! hmmmm....maybe its cos my liver is swollen, along with ciarrohsis ,hep c ? like i said before ,not a specialist!! take care n reply soon.

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