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Carvedilol & Decompensated ARLD

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Hubby saw his Hepatologist recently and she was very pleased that he has not had any alcohol for just over 13mths now.

She has requested that his GP changes his medication?

She has requested that he is taken off of:

- Thiamine

- Folic Acid

- Rifaximin

- Vitamin B String Compound

- Furosemide

- Omeprazole

So I guess she is not concerned about Hepatic Encephalopathy, Hiatus Hernia & Oedema anymore?

She is leaving him on:

- Pregabalin for Peripheral Neuropathy

- Adcal for Osteoporosis

- Temazepam for Osteoporosis

And she has added:

- Carvedilol

Anyone else on Carvedilol? Not exactly sure what it is for though? I have tried reading up about it, but it is mainly mentioned in medical type journals. Can anyone explain it in simpler terms please?

17 Replies
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Dear mumof3girls,

This may be something you would like to speak to our nurses about. Our helpline is open Monday to Friday from 10am to 3pm on 0800 652 7330 (excluding bank holidays)

Best wishes

British Liver Trust

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Hey there. That is amazing news!!! I hated taking furosemide for the few weeks I did before being taken off it. Congrats to your husband for being alcohol free for13 months. Him and I quit about the same time!

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That’s great news. Well done him for being abstinent for 13 months. His health is improving as a result. Removing so much medication would suggest that he’s making a lot of progress and because he’s alcohol free doesn’t need vitamin supplements because his body is getting them from his food. Carvedilol is a blood pressure medication which is used to help treat portal hypertension and is commonly prescribed. It helps reduce the risk of oesophageal varices forming. He’s making great’s really good news.

Cat-B profile image

Carvedilol is for portal hypertension ( to prevent and heal varicies and reduce the risk of ascites) hope that helps. Well done for 13 months

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Carvedilol lowers Blood Pressure and is used in Liver patients to stop varices bleeds ( instead of banding ) them. Hope that helps

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theoldboiler in reply to Chrisjohnsy

Sorry, not quite right, it is not instead of banding, I am on Carvedilol and probably will be for life but I am still at risk of varices caused by portal hypertension, have had quite a few bands, it just reduces the risk.

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I had similar meds changes ... Looks like he's on the mend. Congratulations!

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Talk to the liver nurses on here but Carvedilol (beta blocker to prevent portal hypertension) and Thiamine (liver support) are wise drugs to take with liver disease for prevention of more serious problems with liver and varices. Furosemide or Spirololactone (diuretics)are tough on the kidneys so if there is no Ascites or Oedema the doctor is right to remove them, they are treatment drugs, not prevention drugs. I have to say I am really confused by Temazepam as a treatment for osteoporosis as it is contraindicated. I would talk to the nurses here

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hi there. I've been on carvedilol for 3 years,to help with portal hypertension,but I still have small varicies at my last endoscopy. so carvedilol hasn't prevented them altogether. I'm still on thiamine after over3 years,but consultant still wants to keep me on it..but really well done to your hubby.....its no mean feat....Best wishes,chris

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Positive001 in reply to redpoint72

Good to see you are still here ! See..... you do have much to offer .

🤗 x

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redpoint72 in reply to Positive001

Thank you Laura....kind of you to say. Will never forget the kind words you gave me at the start of it all. Take care my love.chris

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Positive001 in reply to redpoint72

Aw thanks Chris xx

Frananncru profile image

I’m on carvidalol , I have NAFLD but chose to stop any alcohol 3 years ago .Following routine endoscopy when first diagnosed , oesophageal varicease was diagnosed.

I was advised carvidalol which is a beta blocker will help to reduce the pressure within the varicese and hopefully help prevent any bleeding

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Strange he is on Temazepam for Osteoporosis.It's one of the drugs that can cause it.

Are you sure it's not for anxiety or has been left on his record from when he was given meds to ease withdrawal?

Certainly needs asking about and if he has been on it for a while he will probably need tapering off not going cold turkey because its addictive.

mumof3girls profile image
mumof3girls in reply to Roy1955

It might be an error as I have just checked his prescription and was on denosumab for the osteoporosis. I will check his next prescription

oap74 profile image

Mine was changed in hospital the reason given it was better to take Carvedilol twice a day in a lower dosage than my previous meds once a day. Since then I have felt better than before, this is about twelve months. All the best

hun64_D0chIk profile image

Hiya, I suggest you speak to the Liver Trust Nurses on the Helpline. Not knowing your hubby’s general health, I am concerned that he’s on Tamazepam which is used for short-term insomnia and is addictive. It should not be suddenly stopped. Again, ask the nurse on the helpline.Thiamine (beri beri) should in my opinion remain on the prescribed list you get through the NHS a yearly Patient Prescription Certificate through for £149.00 you can get all his medications annually for that one price. Renewable every year. Folic acid (vitamin B9) can be bought over the counter, it may be cheaper, and I personally found it helpful. I buy Busy Bees Vitamin B tablets from Holland and Barrett they often have them on Buy one get one get the other for half price or free. These are excellent taken in the morning to aid sleepiness and fatigue.

Ask helpline about Vitamin D which can also be bought otc.

I’m so glad that hubby is 13 months free of drinking alcohol. I’m 7 nearly 8 years free of drinking. I’m very happy for him and your family.

Hundochick xxx

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