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Pneumonia jab.....🤔🤔

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I’m currently getting up to speed with my vaccines. Flu,COVID booster done. I’m considering the pneumonia jab, has anyone had one? Did you go private?

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You shouldn't have to go private for your Pneumonia jab, it should be available from your GP and as a liver patient it is extremely important to have it. My hubby had his some years ago now at GP surgery.


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deanw41 in reply to AyrshireK

Thank you Katie. I’ve never been told about it!! I’ll contact the surgery Monday morning. 😊👍

Hi Dean, I had my Pneumonia jab last year when I went to have my flu jab, I had them at the same time 1 in each arm. Had my annual flu jab today 😀. Go for it , it should be on your records that your eligible for one mine was x

Same here, both together when our pneumonia jabs became due. Flu and Covid boosters just done, too.🙂

Thank you!!! Why do doctors not mention these things?

Not sure Dean , they should have done really, I didn't know I had to have one it was only when I had my flu jab last year she looked on my notes and said I needed to have a pneumonia jab and did I want them at the same time? Call them first thing on Monday and get it booked in x it's important and it's in their favour as much as it is ours x

Yes, absolutely I will. All these pricks I’m having....

Lol 😂, I have only had 1 prick so far this year , I think my next prick is due next month 😝 X

Yes,line up the pricks..😂

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Positive001 in reply to deanw41

GPs in our village seem to think we are still in lockdown. But thankfully our vaccination centre is always in full swing.

Hi I had Pneumonia jab as I had Pneumonia last year with COVID. Always best to air on the side of caution, I didn't need to pay for mine, I'm going to have all that's offered including worming if offered, lol, you never know☺️☺️x Take care.

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deanw41 in reply to Tia2021

Yes,the lot!! Stick em in!!😂

Hello! My husband was called in for every vaccination under the sun, including this one as soon as he was listed for transplant.



Please note that there are two pneumococcal vaccines, working against different strains, below Pneumococcal Vaccine Timing for Adults leaflet by U.S. Department of Health:

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deanw41 in reply to mantana

Thank you,although I’m in the U.K. I’m sure it’s not to dissimilar.

I am sure the doctors know what to give us. I had mine last year and I am still alive!

One Dr diagnosed me with constipation when I was in chronic liver failure with ten litres of ascites!! And I went to the surgery and he examined me!! I said it’s my liver,he said I don’t think it is,take these for two weeks and gone back if your still haven’t gone to the toilet!! That’s why I’m my BEST healthcare advocate, no one else. No one is as invested in me and my health as ME!! Nobody knows me as much as ME!!! Nobody knows my body like ME!!! Cause I’m an individual known as ME!!!

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