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At times I feel like giving up

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I’m 52 female, I am so tired of this liver disease, I was stage 4, then with the grace of God I’m now in stage 2, I on occasion get nose bleeds, which I never had before, I’m getting tired of the doctor not really doing anything

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Hello Hopeful, these grey days are terrible I know. But like everything else in life, things change and brighter days appear. So hopefully things will brighten up for you. Are you in the UK please?

Are you getting these nose bleeds when you blow your nose, or do they just happen? Are you able to check your blood pressure? As you might appreciate, the liver is a very complex piece of kit. We know of many of the things that the liver does, but how it does it still remains a mystery. I think that sometimes GP's can feel a little out of their depth when it comes to some specific conditions. This is why they should refer you to a consultant or specialist.

Whats it going to take to fill your mind with positive thoughts? Giving up should never be an option. I'd like to think your a fighter and made of stronger stuff. Are you able to get some support from family or friends?

If it helps, please send me a private message if you'd prefer. I have a song by Kate Bush and Peter Gabriel, "Don't give up" now going around in my head....

"Don't give up, because you have friends

Don't give up, you're not the only one

Don't give up, no reason to be ashamed

Don't give up, you still have us

Don't give up now, we're proud of who you are

Don't give up, you know it's never been easy

Don't give up, because I believe there's a place

There's a place where we belong"

Best Wishes, Richard

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Thank you for your inspiring words, love the song, no I don’t live in Britain, I’m in Canada , nose bleeds no it had nothing to do with my blowing my nose just started poring, my blood pressure is always on the low side, as for family and friends, they abandoned me , cos I was sick a lot and they like to drink , I for health reasons do not

stillhopeful, that is awful about family and friends. So glad you are at Stg 2 now. I can't imagine my fam and friends doing that, they would not. So glad you are on here with this fam and friends who won't let you down. You must feel alone, I am so sorry. We all feel for you and will always be around to chat and cry if necessary. Then nudge each other on with lovely heartwarming posts like Richards. I personally have made a copy of it - so uplifting. My hugs are flying your way oxox………………...G.

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Please don't give up. We are all here to support you. You can private message me if you like. Everyone is wonderful on here. Love and hugs Lynne xxxc

On with the new! Your honest and hopeful, you're here. Good people are out there that you just haven't met yet. 😀

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Oh boy Richard what a fab u lous post. How utterly inspiring and strong for us guys on here and especially stillhopeful. The fear this strike in us is haunting day in day out; posts like yours tend to give us a kick up the btm in the nicest possible way.

Best to you all.


Hi hopeful,

I think we can all relate to how you feel , oh how I have been there myself..

You wouldn't be human not to feel like it, this will pass.. trust me

I have cirrhosis, 10 yrs. F4 end stage fibrosis

I know my condition has deteriorated in the last 12months, I suffer a lot more now with either insomnia or to sleeping 24/7. Besides mobility issues now where i can't plan anything from one day to the next.

But you know what.. even though i live alone with cats for company yet 6 miles away from my sister and even further away from my daughter and son every day i wake is a blessing. .

I cant work because for one I would need taxi both ways, I know I would fall asleep and my memory is terrible at times 🙄.

When i have my dark days i write things down. Or message my daughter or sister. Lost both my dad not long ago to brain cancer and my do I miss him.. yet i can hear his voice egging me on .

We still have a life, even if it doesn't feel that way at the moment. Great news on turning around your cirrhosis score..

Do you have a hepatologist? Are you under the care of the hospital? .I would have thought so.

If your not happy with how your dr is not doing his duty of care then tell.him, or see another GP if you can.

I get the odd nosebleed myself now and then. Takes me by suprise as it has happened while in a shop 🤭but hey ho.. please message me if ever you need to talk. I'm.a very good listener..Linda x

Thank you, I asked to see another GP but not many where I live, but I’m keep on hoping for a miracle silly eh

Your not silly ! . Never think that. I'm sorry to hear about your family , give them time. Trust me my eldest son was the same and he still is , but that's his problem not mine.

Try and stay positive.

God stillhopeful, no not silly at all like Millie says. Never ever think that. And anyway I do happen to think/know miracles do happen. Think Angels and ask for help; they will give it but only if you ask. I find them a huge comfort (much to the laughter of my hubs). Do you live alone? This is powerful stuff to deal with and I am so glad we have Forums like this to guide and inspire. I know someone recently bowed out of this particular Forum. I am on three others as well as this one and can truly say this one is TOPS. It tells it like it is (whether we want it or not) but also flips it to huge positivity.

Hey Richard - this song springs to mind now Good old Tina Turner - Simply the Best - yaay.

God bless.

G from the UK.

Hi I live with my husband and daughter, both have been strong for me, at times I feel like they must get tired of me being sick, so I try to show them the happy me, I am a positive person and have come a long way, and this forum is fantastic, just what I have been looking for, thank you all God bless

Hi and thank you for the reply, I am so very glad you are not on your own.

I too, am positive, and people come to me to brighten their day if they feel down which I normally do. But sometimes I would rather be alone, but then the down side of thinking too much rears its head. So who helps out - well this Forum of course.

Keep posting hun you are very valued xxxx

Hi stillhopeul1966,

I noticed in one of your replies that you don't live where there are many doctors - are you able to look up other doctors that may be fairly near and see if they have good reviews?

And could you find transportation to them?

I live in the U.S. and luckily moved near a bigger metro area than we used to live near.

I am concerned about the nose bleeds since that happened to my husband and seemed to be a symptom that indicated his blood wasn't clotting well.

Could an Emergency Room visit, while having a nose bleed, get a more immediate response and perhaps a referral to bigger hospital?

Best wishes to you,


The liver can sometimes surprise us all! I have cirrhosis, it has nearly taken me twice in the last 5 years i recently went to see my consultant and some how my bloods have come back just above average...... No one knows how or why, they have even checked the result twice more with the same result. So i say never give up, always look on the bright side, be positive and live the life your able to live hun. A happy heart heals💕

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Absolutely never give up - the mind is key to all this - so powerful.


Try to keep your hopes up, the fact that you're stage 2 and not stage 4 is plenty of reason for hope! Just keep on plugging away.. I know there's a lot of recommendations as to what can help reverse it, I guess you've got to keep trying them and see if any stick. At any rate, we're all family here and here for each other.

Keep the faith!


Thank you God bless

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