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Four Months Abstinence in S*X

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This is my second post actually but i do read every post and comment everyday.

So my question is that, maybe this may sound funny but here it goes..

We all know that being diagnosed with cihhrosis can lower your libido or lack of libido, correct me if im wrong..As of now i think i can do it now having a sexual intercourse but my wife is scared.. I know she want too because she oftenly joked me it was already 4months without Sex..

But she's scared that if we do it i might get portal hypertension because of the excitement feelings that i might feel.

Has anyone here experience the same?

Thank You in advanve..

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Hi - sorry to hear about your fears - you're not alone with this. I have read that the problem is with the chance of rupturing asophagael varices with any vigorous exercise. You should have a gastroscopy and ask your consultant for an opinion. Bleeding from asophagael varices can be indicated by black/tarry stools, blood in vomit or anemia. Personally sh1t scared of endoscopy in general - due for one Wednesday and don't want to have it. I know what I should do but might chicken out. Hope this helps?

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ciroze_05 in reply to x007jcp

thanks for replying.. have a good day😊

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x007jcp in reply to ciroze_05

No probs - hope you enjoy yourself


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ciroze_05 in reply to x007jcp

i hope so😂

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VickiSpence in reply to x007jcp

Nothing to be afraid of. I had the endo and colonoscopy together. They hopefully give you anesthesia and you don't know a thing. There's no bigger chicken than me!

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x007jcp in reply to VickiSpence

Hi Vicki - thanks for taking the time and care to offer your support! Had colonoscopy with sedation two months back and hope that was worse than gastroscopy to come this Wednesday. Anaesthesia doesn't seem to be an option at my hospital so I'll just have to don my big bird suit and, almost literally, bite the bullet. Best wishes, JCP

This is one of those tricky subjects which tend to get dismissed as many men don't like talking openly about sex.

However, liver disease can cause a lack of libido in some men. This can have a detrimental effect upon a person's mental wellbeing as a person can feel inadequate and a failure.

Testosterone levels are generally low in men with advanced liver disease and progressively fall with the increasing severity of the liver disease. Serum testosterone is reduced in up to 90% of men with cirrhosis, with levels falling as the liver disease advances. Testosterone is an important anabolic hormone, with effects on muscle, bone, and hematopoiesis:

On top of this, as the liver becomes cirrhotic, it can become insulin resistant. This then in turn can lead to type-2 diabetes. One of the more common drugs prescribed to help control diabetes for many people is called “Metformin”.

A study was conducted back in 2016 which concluded that Metformin leads to a significant reduction in testosterone levels, sex drive and induction of low testosterone-induced erectile dysfunction:

While some men may be inclined to want to try certain drugs like Viagra, or other herbal treatments a word of caution should be noted here. All these medications can cause the heart to beat faster, and blood pressure to rise. This in turn could cause an internal bleed if there are varices and portal hypertension. Also other problems like dizziness, and feeling faint may occur. On top of this, some of these drugs and remedies may be even more harmful to an already struggling liver, as it’s just one more toxic chemical the liver has to try and process.

Always consult with your doctor before trying any of these over-the-counter drugs or remedies, and don’t be afraid to talk about any mental health aspects related to this subject with your GP.

Take care


Thank You Richard for this information..No, i dont have plans on taking pills like

Viagra anyway😊

I shouldnt have ask this question, its embarrassing😂

Its just that, im curious and that my wife is a lil bit of over reacting😂She said that if i excite myself maybe my heart would palpitate and that ill be having portal hypertension..

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AyrshireK in reply to ciroze_05

Don't be embarassed at asking such questions - if it's important to you to know then 'no question is a silly one'.

Unfortunately I am unable to provide any guidance on this one, hubby unfortunately falls into that group of men for whom cirrhosis brings no libido at all - no interest and no function.

Do ask the question of your specialist but put it in the terms of "Would having sex potentially cause me any issue with raised portal hypertension or pose a risk with varices?" - I am guessing it depends quite how 'athletic' you aim to be. My hubby has always been able to exercise with portal hypertension and varices but was told to avoid extremely strenous (power lifting) type activities ........... as if!!

Best wishes with it, hopefully you can continue to enjoy this aspect of life.


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ciroze_05 in reply to AyrshireK

thank you Katie for always responding😊Iam always looking forward to your comments as i know you are active on this site.

Have a great day

Hi, I totally understand your wife's cautiousness. I too worry if having sex with my husband would raise his portal hypertension and cause problems. I couldn't find anything online on the subject, so my husband said he'll ask the question at the next appointment.

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ciroze_05 in reply to BetulaT

Hi, thank you for responding..Kindly tell me what the doctors will tell about this when your husband asked them? But i'll ask my doctor too about this..


I asked my consultant if I could do strenuous exercise (boot camp),he said yes just avoid contact sport. I’m planning a Sky dive too. I have PH.

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ciroze_05 in reply to deanw41

yeah is sex a contact sport?

Does sex count as a contact sport? 😁

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deanw41 in reply to MissThing

If your having sex with a rugby player,maybe it is!?

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MissThing in reply to deanw41

I should be so lucky!

if your cihhrosis is due to hep, i think its not ok if you have intercourse with a lot of women

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