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Please help. Lost my erection

Hi I had been diagnosed 5 years ago with cirrhosis of the liver and I am doing so well now the doctor has even taken me off some tablets now but my problem is I lost my last girlfriend through not being able to have sex because I just cant get much of an erection and I have just got another girlfriend but I really am worried if it continues we might want to get closer and I am scared in case she leaves me because of me not being able to get an erection. Please please help me. What can I do my doctor does not even try and help me. Is there anything I can take that wont make the liver worse or herbal tablets I really dont know what to do.


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Hi Steve

I would guess this is a subject that not many on this forum would openly feel comfortable talking about, however I may be wrong.

I'm so sorry to hear about your condition which I do understand can be concerning especially after your long term girl friend left you.

Can I openly be honest here, if your girl friend really loved you she would have stayed by your side no matter what to help you over this as there are many ways this situation for her/you could have been addressed in other ways .

Steve please try not to get to hung up on this situation but I would suggest seeing another doctor who might be more understanding.

Unfortunately I'm female and do not have cirrhosis as yet but I am being monitored by my consultant.

Also, you must be open and honest with your new girl about your cirrhosis illness and if the right moment happens then tell her about your concerns which your seeking advice for and if she's a nice girl she'll stay with you. I'm guessing you've viewed a few naughty mags etc which most lads/men

Anyway, I'm sorry I cannot be of any further help but I do suggest seeing another doc as they maybe able to prescribe something or refer you to another consultant!

I truly feel for you, please take care my friend


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Hi, I think you spot on in your reply, those were my thoughts as I read it. The main thing is honesty in all aspects, you are you are and much more in a relationship. Worrying does not help. All the best for a real happy future

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Hi Chug,

Nice to of had a chat with you on the 3rd floor LOP a few weeks ago.

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Yes always interesting to meet others. Keep in touch

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It's raised more than a few eyebrows.

⚽⚽ to post Sir Hidden +2 replies. 😜👍

Hi Fordy 48 have you been checked for diabetes and other underlying causes as there possibly could be another reason for this !

I'm not saying that your cirrhosis in your case isn't the reason... but maybe you should get to another doctor that is more understanding that is willing to refer you to get treatment as there is specialist clinics for people that suffer from this problem and there is a lot that can be potentially done to help people in your situation.

With cirrhosis, loss of libido, for want of a better word, is a recognised symptom. Let's hope your current girlfriend loves you for more than just the sex.

Hi There

Kristian is correct. My husband had the same issues.

It was a joke after transplant.

The blankets became a tent with a centre pole. If you get my meaning.

Nothing can be done before transplant I am afraid. Your body is not working properly to transport the necessary hormones to the right areas of the body. That was how it was discovered that my hubby had a liver issue in the first place. He was asked if he was taking steroids as his blood levels were far too high. He wasn't. It turned out that although his body was producing it ok the receptors were not transporting it to the relevant parts of his body. Hope this helps you understand.

You need to try to explain this to your current partner.

Good Luck

Unfortunately this can be a side effect of cirrhosis, one of your livers functions is hormone regulation including your sex hormones.

In men this can lead to the issues you are having and can lead to testicle shrinkage, loss of male pattern body hair and even the growth of boobs (technical term - Gynecomastia). My hubby and I have sadly never had any bedroom activity due to complete loss of libido (zero interest on his part due to cirrhosis) and complete loss of erectile function. Even in female patients it can lead to complete loss of libido too.

You need to talk about this with your current partner as she will need to be very understanding and patient as it might be that you don't even want to do the non full sex things that a lady likes (if you get my drift). When I have tried any level of intimacy with hubby he just isn't at all interested and I have to understand it's not me but definitely the condition - we only got married after his diagnosis. We cuddle loads, hold hands all the time and he gives me lovely long back rubs and that's our level of physical contact but we are still so very close and loving.

Talk, cuddle, hold hands, talk more. If your current girlfriend is the one, she will see that a loving relationship is about more than the sex.

Best wishes to you both,



I do agree with what everyone else has said. You really must discuss this with your girlfriend, if she is worth her salt, she will understand. Please take care of yourself Lynne

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Couldn't agree more. :)

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I totally agree !

I'm the same. My doctor has given me viagra. I assume it's ok to take as he has prescribed it knowing I have cirrhosis.

Hi at the moment I’m trying to find out how bad my cirrhosis is what they going to do going forward my journey started in October 19 and I’m still waiting to see liver specialist or Hepatology had no extra tests or change of meds , sorry to rant on , I’m exactly like yourself but I have no interest in sex , eating or anything between when I was admitted in hospital they tested me for Haemochromatosis and said I never had it I seen Haemotology last week and he said I had and then received a letter 5 days confirming this I don’t know where to turn or believe surely NHS professionals should know??? Sorry I haven’t been on line for a long time but thoroughlyP*****d off.

Have you spoken to the Doctor about this? You need to get your hormone profile checked, to see if you are producing enough testosterone etc? You don’t say what caused your cirrhosis but both your problems can be caused by Genetic Haemochromatosis (GH) or Iron Overload Disorder. In this condition the body keeps on absorbing iron, too much of which is toxic, and stores it in the internal organs which become damaged or worse fail. Cirrhosis is classic, as is pituitary failure which knocks out the hormones that lead to sexual function. It’s a simple blood test to check for this. I should say this happened to me 30 years ago and successful treatment is out there - go see your doctor and tell him your problem ASAP.

Hi Dogbot here

I had the same thing thought my life was over but I I must have a more sympathetic doctor so if yours is not get another because mine put me straight on Viagra and the first one did not help so I went back and he gave me a stronger dose I think the strongest is 100 a day, back to doing the thing My marriage and I needed good luck 👍😃

My husband has the same problem and his doc has prescribed him viagra. You do have to be in the mood for it to actually work ,sorry cant tell you the results as hes lost his sex drive totally. But I live in hope , in the meantime speak to another doc and speak to the new girlfriend . If she cares about you she'll understand your condition comes with complications . Communication is the key. V.

Seems to go along with it, my husband of 45 years has stage 4 cirrhosis of the liver although he never drank or did drugs other than diabetes drugs .over the last couple of years our lives have changed so dramatically due to his health problems. Viagra only worked for about a year although he has also grown much weaker also, it's just to taxing on him to be intimate like that now , so along with things like riding our motorcycle and even getting out and doing yard work that he enjoyed we have given up trying to be intimate. We still love each other and miss it greatly but im thankful for every day I have him. Your situation presents a special problem though with a new lady in your life. That special girl will see you for who you are not just for sex. Eventually you will find her. And there are other ways to satisfy your partner . Also some of the drugs they now have my husband on affects his sexual health. Good luck to you

Hi Dogbot here

VickyB56 is so right I forget to tell you you have to get in the mood so communication is a big factor, I would like to say that I’m 65 in a couple of weeks so we are not rabbits but a tender loving couple once again good luck 👍

Hi Steve I'm sorry you have this terrible disease my husband had it. I do feel sex should be not the most important item in your life at minute. You can still be close. Your girlfriend needs to think about you. And not have to worry about her leaving you if she loves you really loves you then she should understand. When you love someone you can get over anything together talking may be a good idea. And in the end if she leaves you are better off without her. Sorry for being so blunt.

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