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Sent for ct scan

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Sent for ct scan because air and gas was blocking getting good pictures on ultrasound is this normal I've to go on Tuesday morning thanks any insight is welcome

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If they can't determine what something is on ultrasound or a good view is blocked by bowel gases etc. then it's absolutely routine to follow it up with a better/more detailed scan. Twice now my hubby has had to go for an MRI after ultrasound because they just couldn't determine what things were in enough detail.

It's good they have managed to get you a CT appointment this quickly so hopefully you'll get a better and more detailed report after that scan.


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Tommy62 in reply to AyrshireK

Thank you

I had CT done due to not being able to see clearly due to gas. Hope all goes well, Take care x

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Tommy62 in reply to Tia2021

Thank you same to you I hope all is ok 👍

Yes I had to have ct scan due to gas it’s nothing to worry about and as Ayrshire has said it’s great news the got you an appointment so quick good luck. Stay Safe All Dogbot 🐶🌈

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Tommy62 in reply to Dogbot

Thanks I hope all is good for you 👍

Great news about a quick CT scan. It is the gold standard and you are lucky not to have to wait. Here’s hoping nothing untoward is found. Best wishes Yorkybar

Completely normal. Has happened to me many many times. Keep on farting so they can get a good ultrasound 😀

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Tommy62 in reply to Montys

I ve tried all that lol 😂🤣 going for ct scan in the morning 👍

My Dr was not happy with the quality of US so now I have an MRI every 6 months.Like being stuffed in a washing machine!

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Tommy62 in reply to Roy1955

Lol thanks my mind just works overtime lol I hope your well 👍

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