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High ALT and bilirubin, but everything else normal?

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Hi everyone, I'm new here but I wanted to join due to recent symptoms and issues I've been having.

I've been experiencing upper right abdomen pain for 5 months. I also had an episode of clay colored stool and dark urine. My doctor has done some blood tests showing high ALT and bilirubin (but my ALP and GGT were all normal). My doctor has also done ultrasounds and a CT scan, but those also came back normal.

So I guess my question is, what could be causing these symptoms?

Thanks for any help.

8 Replies
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Sorry, I forgot to mention, my ALT hovers around the 70-80 number and my bilirubin hovers around 30-40. Thanks.

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No one here is qualified to even attempt to make a diagnosis. It's a question you need to put to your doctor. Good luck

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Hi Laura, yes I'm fully aware of that and I am working closely with my doctor to find the cause. I was posting here to see if anyone else has experienced similar results.

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Don't know if this helps,but I had a major problem with long term use of aspirin, for an old heart problem,seems its very likely noe its caused a few probs,

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Ah l see, only your question was " what could be causing these symptoms? " Pleased you are working with your Doctor. Good luck.

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Could be as simple as a blocked bile duct 🤷‍♂️ I’ve heard of others describe similar

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Did you get to the bottom of this?

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Dark urine was a big red flag for me and made my wife so concerned she forced me to go to the doctor. Not everyone with liver issues has the same symptoms. Some have no symptoms at all which is why many people go undiagnosed. It really could be anything but I would not just rely on a sonogram. I’m not sure where you are at but there is a blood fibro test that can be performed. It’s not 100% but I would talk to the dr.

Just saw you had a ct that is good.

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