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Does Fatty Liver Disease cause sensitivity to hot or spicy foods.

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As the subject of my post suggests, I have questions about how sufferers of Fatty Liver Disease cope with hot or spicy food, but I thought I should first reintroduce myself as it’s been a while since I was here.

I’m 66, and I think I first joined this site around 7 years when I had my first spell of severe health anxiety due to fears that I had Liver Cancer due to my excessive drinking.

I had always been a worrier, and my father’s death from Liver Cancer - although it was non-alcohol related - was the trigger for my anxiety to go sky high and stay there until I was eventually diagnosed following tests including Ultrasound and a CT scan of my liver. These tests proved that there was no serious damage to my liver, but that I had very mild Fatty Liver Disease which I was told would most probably clear in time if I was very careful not slip back into drinking to the levels that I had been up to then.

All was quite well for several years, but then in wrongly thinking I was ‘bombproof’ and a rugged survivor of a battle with the bottle, I succumbed again to drinking, and started non a roughy 4 or 5 day a week habit of 2 or 3 bottles of beer, each one at roughly 5% ABV. I’d also sometime have a bottle of wine instead of beer, and would shift the entire bottle in one session.

I managed to get control of this again until around, I believe, two years ago, but due to lockdown and lots more free time due to my retirement, I’ve now slipped back again into bad habits.

It goes without saying that I feel ashamed of this and stupid, and I’m back in the same situation now that I was a few years ago, and feel a complete and utter fool for being here again today and bleating out the same old story that I bothered you with before, but I’m here again and asking for a bit of advice and a bit of help with all my fears. I wouldn’t even try to ask for help unless I could first convince myself that I was doing all I could to help myself, but as that’s now the situation, I’ll take things back to my original question about hot or spicy foods.

I can go months and months of eating normally, but just in the past week or so, I’ve experience a nasty burning sensation around (I think) my liver every time I either eat something fairly spicy or fairly hot. This has really frightened me again as I am now working that this might not actually be soreness due to Fatty Liver Disease, but might actually be due to cancer because of the way that the soreness lingers around the site and is now even radiating through to my back at certain times when the pain is at its worst.

As regards the pain from Fatty Liver Disease, I have always assumed that the discomfort is more akin to peptic discomfort rafter than actual soreness around the main site around my liver, though I would be very grateful if anyone out there could put me right on any of this.

I hoped I’d never, ever be in this sorry state again after escaping this on two previous occasions, but I’d be grateful if anyone could advise me today to try to ally a few fews before I again pluck up the courage to see my doctor.

Finally, and just for reference, I have been on the NHS site and have googled all the symptoms of Liver Cancer, and apart from the discomfort around my liver, I have none of them at all, though I read that they are only really ‘late stage’ symptoms anyway, and are often only really present when it’s too late...

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Rather than offer comment on whether spicy/hot foods cause discomfort in fatty liver disease I would just urge you to go back to doctors for some up to date tests.

Sadly, it is entirely possible that your once mild fatty liver could have progressed as sadly you've slipped into hazardous behaviours again. Yes the liver can heal but only if you can maintain a healthy way of life, each time it takes a battering it's possible that any previous good work is undone.

The pain you might be experiencing could be due to a worsening of your liver health, issues in the gastro intestinal tract which may or may not be liver related, could be gall bladder related or any number of other things.

Any posters here would only be guessing and the only way for you to find out for sure what is going on is to bite the bullet and go and see your doctor for tests.


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GrahamB8 in reply to AyrshireK

Thank you, Katie.

I think that answers my question.



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