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Soreness from Fatty Liver Disease

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I haven’t seen it mentioned much on here - and if anyone could point to where it’s been discussed, I’d be very grateful - but do many of our members experience soreness in the area around and above the liver from this disease?

My own experience of this is the single thing that most alarms me about all this, and is the main symptom I’ve had, and the only one that led me to join this Forum and to go to visit my GP?

Could anyone tell me, please, if this is something that they’ve had or are having, too, and for how long they’ve had it?

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There are a lot of pains on here.😁 Coming from the captule around the liver. Liver has no pain receptors.

Yes, I have a lot of pain due to my liver being very enlarged and fatty causing the capsule around to stretch causing the pain. Please take care of yourself Lynne

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Hello Lynne

.Thank you for your reply, Lynne. I’m sorry you feel such pain, but I hope you you can find a way through it to better health...



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Thank you. I hope you feel better soon too. Lynne

Hi Graham,

Like Lynne, I have near constant capsule pain, caused by my enlarged liver and also my spleen, which is nearly twice the normal size at 19cms. It gets worse after eating, and sometimes makes breathing sore,


The British Liver Trust does have the pain under symptoms, I looked last night as all GP's keep saying it can't hurt eg yesterday. I also find it is increases after food and reacts to esp coffee and chocolate which gave me a sharp spasm - my list of foods and drinks is drastically reducing. I think my one morning coffee might be next to go.

I have Nash which is non alcoholic stratosphere hepatitis. I had pain and the Doctors said you don’t get pain in liver area. After numerous tests I was diagnosed with Sphincter of oddi which was the cause of my pain . I wonder if yours is connected. Sue

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That’s interesting, Werzal. Can you describe your pain and other symptoms?

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The pain feels sharp under right rib and pressure radiating to my back . Normally pain after fatty food. I am always tired and do not sleep very well . I am under Kings College hospital in London. Regards Sue

Non alcoholic steato hepatitis Sorry my phone

Yep, i get slight urq pain w fatty liver and right shoulder blade twinges. I think its the liver swelling

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