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Alcohol Related Fatty Liver Disease

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Hi I am a 42 year old male and was diagnosed 4 days ago with Alcohol Related Fatty Liver Disease following right abdominal pain. I have been binge drinking since my teens so time to look reality in the face and get myself better.

I am looking for treatment options other than abstaining from alcohol. I am now on my 10th day with no alcohol but still in pain. Also how long can it take for the pain to subside?

My weight and general fitness is healthy otherwise.


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As a doctor said to me after a normal fibroscan six months after I’d quit drinking, “Stopping drinking is by far the best thing you’ve done for your liver.”

You’re doing all you can. My aches and pains lasted another six months. Just stay quit and you’ll be fine.

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Jedi2002 in reply to CocoChannel


Did you use anything for pain relief or persevere?

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CocoChannel in reply to Jedi2002

It wasn’t too bad. It was more of a nagging pain and didn’t need any pain killers.

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Laura009 in reply to Jedi2002

I recommend you speak to your doctor about pain relief.

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arthole in reply to CocoChannel

Can I ask what happened with the pain? Did it just fade or abruptly go? Have you had any reoccurrence and did you also originally have nausea also?

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CocoChannel in reply to arthole

Odd story about how it faded, but definitely zero reoccurrence.

I say odd as I had minor aches for months after I quit drinking. I then had a private fibroscan to check all was OK and the aches then totally went. But as I say, no reoccurrence - no aches at all since that fibroscan which was in mid 2019.

Hi Jedi. There are no miracle cures it truly is all all about not chucking any more alcohol at your damaged liver. The pain you are suffering could continue for months depending on how damaged your liver is. Maybe you could speak to your Dr about some pain relief which is safe to take with your condition and remember to never exceed the recommended dosage. Dont be tempted to start taking any suppliments which claim be good for your liver .. they really aren't it's just an expensive marketing ploy. So continue to eat healthily, drink plenty of water daily to flush out the toxins and excercise. Well done, keep it up and all the best. Laura

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Jedi2002 in reply to Laura009


So you wouldn’t recommend milk thistle?

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Laura009 in reply to Jedi2002

Absolutely not and anyone who has liver disease on this forum would say the same including the trust. It can cause even more damage as the liver has to work so hard to process it. All your liver needs is rest, healthy living and time to heal itself ... not more punishment.All the best.


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Yarkis in reply to Jedi2002

I disagree with Laura. There are a lot of study on milk thistle and a few others like artichoke. I recently saw a post on this forum from someone with compensated cirrhosis that read "been taking milk thistle for over a year yaddayadda, feel better than I ever have in my life". Granted, it was also followed by a recap of his diet and lifestyle changes which I suspect is the leading factor in his well being. Good old diet and exorcise can do wonders. Before taking any kind of supliment I'd advise you to err on the side of caution. Talk with your GP and do your own research. Best of luck and by the way, Laura is here everyday helping people. I'd take her words to heart even though we disagree on somethings :).

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TT-2018 in reply to Yarkis

I took Milkthistle and I still needed a liver transplant, it’s a waste of time and money and may even do more harm than good. The less things that you make your liver process, the better.

So please stop criticising others with your googling. If you do actually have liver disease, please use either the NHS or BLT sites. You will find medically proven advice and not clap trap, peddled online.

Totally agree I had a transplant nearly four years ago if he wants the same carry on drinking I'm very grateful to the donor but I'd prefer my own organ I've not drunk for 16 years but my liver was shot like I say I'm very grateful but given a choice your own healthy organisations. Is best

Sorry organ

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Welcome to this friendly, supportive forum .

You will see our members will share their experiences and support you .

I will simply add a link to our information on alcohol and liver disease.


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Jedi2002 in reply to Trust9


I’ve been diagnosed with the same since May 2020. Have t drank since June 2020 and the pain keeps evolving for me. I might get a luck day once and a while with mild or no pain but no signs of it ever going g away and same for my liver enlargement. I eat very clean now with maybe a cheat day once a month. Sometimes I feel better but mostly feels like my body has been deteriorating since May. Due for biopsy on Monday day and will find out results end of February. Praying I didn’t completely kill it but basing things on how my body feels I think I probably did kill it.

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Jedi2002 in reply to Amethyst91

Sorry to hear that let me know how you get on

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