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Anxiety over liver. To have ultrasound or not.

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Hi all, I had blood tests as I worried about my liver. Quit drinking a few days earlier. Blood tests were ok. Then I became very anxious, nauseous, couldn’t eat. Went back to the G.P and asked what I could do to decrease my anxiety. She gave me meds for acid reflux and a referral for an ultrasound. Now I feel better but am booked for the ultrasound tomorrow. I’m tempted to cancel as if there is something my anxiety will go through the roof. Not planning on drinking again anyway.

If I’m not planning on drinking and plan on eating well what do I gain from knowing or not knowing? If something was wrong are there meds or something I’d have to take?

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Would your anxiety not ease if the ultrasound result backed up the blood test results and all was actually ok?

It's better to know and deal with issues rather than bury your head in the sand of anxiety and possibly end up with something later that has gone so far that it can't be remedied.

If there is something then you are already doing the best things to remedy it if you have changed your lifestyle with zero booze and better food but you do need to know.

I had a lump in my breast some time ago and yes it scared the hell out of me (us as I am hubbies carer and all the what if scenario's were spinning?) but I went to the doctors quickly, I was mammogramed, scanned, biopsied and eventually had the lump taken out. Thankfully it wasn't the big C but a completely benign lump (albeit a big one). If I had buried my head and not gone, that lump would still be there, scaring me every single day. Also, if I had ignored it and it had been 'a scary' I probably wouldn't be here now.

It's always best to face these things, get properly checked over, if there is no cause for concern then brilliant result. If however there is something you need to know as do your doctors in order to make sure appropriate future care and monitoring is put in place.


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Kettl in reply to AyrshireK

You are right. Thank you. Best to get it done while I still have the fear driving me.

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Charloy in reply to AyrshireK

Totally agree Katie,I was terrified when the gp thought I had bowel cancer, one of the polyps was low grade and if it was left it would have been cancerous, allthough what's happened after is a bit of a mystery I at least got rid of that problem,.but need a other Colon investigation next year, people assume its a lump of sorts mine was progressing length ways,tubular,it was 10mm,and thought at first it was size of a golf ball,after the CT scan,but that turned out to be diverticulitis, looking back glad I'm battling away.Never liked going to Docs, the test for that was because of very low iron ,anaemia,but it was to be my varices after six months of poking.but at least I'm on the mend.nice to have a say to people,no one around here only people still looking for the answer In the bottom of a glass,my mum just suffered a major stroke last week her major fear all her old age,! But people assume I would drink again after bad news,that demon has been exorcised,and coping well,mum is doing OK,but a long recovery. Keep well.!!

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Limalama in reply to Charloy

Sorry to hear about your mum Charloy, hope things work out well for her. And good for you on handling such bad news without a drink. All the best 💜

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I'm sorry to hear about your Mum Charloy, I do hope things improve for her. Good for you, not drinking when you had the news about Mum, this proves how far you've come. You should be proud of yourself. xxxx

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Well said Katie for biting the bullet and going for your mammogram. I'm so pleased your results were good, this obviously put your mind at rest and allowed you to get on with your life. Take care Lynne xxxx

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Only got sent for mammogram after lump was found (some years ago now). I am not age for the regular screening. Only got the all clear after the operation to remove it but was mighty glad to have it confirmed.

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I'm sure you were. It must have been a huge relief for you and your husband. Xx

Should be fine to have ultra sound,how long have you been drinking ?, but you should have it done,then you can make a better forward plan,hope that helps.

Drinking on and off about 12-15 years. Daily drinking last 10 with a few month off here and there. I’m going to get it done and face the music.

Hey there. I would definitely still have the ultrasound done. If everything is good then you will feel better. If there are any issues then you will know and be able to work on making things better. I truly believe you will feel better having it done because if you don't you will still worry because you don't know. Knowing is scary but with the liver it is must better to know then not to.Good luck. You will be ok

Hi all, thank you for your words of advice. Had the ultrasound and the operator asked. You haven’t had an abdo ultrasound before? I said only when pregnant. He then was taking lots of pics . Then said I think we need to get you standing for a few images. By this time I was so worried. He said I have a few things to talk to the G.P about☹️. I pushed him for answers and said I was concerned about my liver. He said my livers not a problem. I have gall stones and a horseshoe kidney ( it’s congenital can cause trouble but hasn’t so far). Think he just wanted to study my kidney. I’ll talk to the G.P tomorrow.

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HiI'm pleased you went for your ultrasound. I don't think the sonographer should have worried you so much. I've never been told anything when I've had ultrasounds. I've had to wait until I see my Dr / consultant. Please let us know what your Dr says tomorrow. Well done on abstaining from alcohol. xxxx

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If you are in the UK, you are welcome to call our nurse helpline at the Trust and have a chat, its open Mon to Fri 10am to 3pm on 0800 652 7330

Best wishes.

I was in this similar position a few months back. I was absolutely terrified to get the ultrasound done but I did go through with it. The good part is you’ll know while they’re doing it if it looks good and you won’t have to go back home, wait, and suffer even more anxiety.

I’d say to go through with it. You’ll be scared (I had to hold my girlfriends hand the entire time and I’m 35 years old) but the not knowing will wear down your mental state for sure. It’s easier said than done but you’ll be much happier if you go through with it. I was having pains where my liver is and after I had the ultrasound and ct scan come back okay all the pains stopped over time and most stopped within the first week.

How did the fibroscan go?

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Kettl in reply to Worrysome1

Having it tomorrow morning. Have been ill for weeks and lost a lot of weight. I’m terrified for tomorrow. How are you going?

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Worrysome1 in reply to Kettl

Been for walk again but eyesight not right, hair coming out like crazy and still need Lactoluse. Going for blood test tomorrow because of phosphate issue. Read on here that if platelets normal you can’t have cirrhosis then somebody else says LFTS not true indication. It’s enough to drive you mad. Please let me know tomorrow. Are your LFTs ok? What are your symptoms? When I had my scan she didn’t test portal system so I don’t really have much faith in that. If you had that on your scan I think you can be more confident, a lot more. Anxiety and depression can give you a lot of symptoms, definitely nausea. Fingers crossed for you.

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Kettl in reply to Worrysome1

My LFTs were ok except phosphate low. My symptoms are sudden increase in facial veins, early menopause, Terry’s nails, itch over many years. Currently right rib pain nausea and weight loss due to no appetite.

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Worrysome1 in reply to Kettl

Have you had US? Could well be early menopause, friend had it felt awful but great now with HRT. I always get pain in ribs if I vomit. Think you’ll be happy tomorrow.

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Kettl in reply to Worrysome1

Ultrasound was fine except a gall stone that’s free moving.

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Worrysome1 in reply to Kettl

Will be thinking about you. X

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Kettl in reply to Worrysome1


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