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Very Worried

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Hi, I have posted on here before but not for a while. My Husband was diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver (non alcoholic) 2 years ago and given 6 months to live. However his willpower has kept him going. He sleeps an awful lot and is on a lot of drugs. He has been going downhill quite quickly lately, has no balance, not eating much etc. However yesterday afternoon, right out of the blue, he vomited three times so much blood with clots. He was taken to Hospital and apparently has been vomiting blood all night and has black stools. They are going to put a camera down to see what is going on. Is he nearing the end? Any advice would be appreciated. He is also very confused.

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No advice from me, just wanted to say as no one has responded here that I'm pulling for you and your husband, and wishing you both strength.

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Thank you so much.

Hello, thinking of you. Scary time for you. Its sounds like he has had an oesophogeal bleed or something similar. They are managed by surgery (via endoscopy usually) and betablockers ongoing. Hope you can hear more from Drs soon, its terribly frustrating not being able to be there more.Theres lots on here who have had these bleeds if that's what it is. I'm sure folks will flood in with wisdom and help before long.


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Thank you very much for your explanation. The Hospital has carried out the endoscopy and he was bleeding in his stomach which has now been repaired. Apparently he is so confused now that the doctors are unsure he will know who I am! X

He needs to be in hospital .... 999Good luck x

He’s in hospital.

Great. He will get all the treatment he needs.

How come sometimes only half a post comes up on my phone and takes a couple of days to catch up? WiFi l guess? Still drops out here in Norfolk ... the back of beyond !!It appears l have finally caught up now🤷🏻‍♀️

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Haha laura I live in norfolk and have the same problem sometimes

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Hahaha it's rubbish here isn't it?

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Not great lol

I had similar symptoms when I was fifteen after having cirrhosis since I was six. I also had black stools and my legs swelled a lot and I turned jaundice and when I first arrived in the hospital and had tried to eat toast it came straight back up but not as normal vomit but sort of just as it was as food. I was taken to the children’s hospital a few days later and they did an endoscopy and banded the bleeding so that it stopped and that’s what When I was put on beta blockers. My body recovered pretty quickly and I’m 21 now still with the same liver and reasonably healthy for the condition I have so definitely depends on the situation and individual. It’s quite scary when you think of a bleed but there are positive outcomes too, hope this helps

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Also I’ve never had a bleed since and that was six years ago and I have an Endoscopy every 2 years and have never needed them banded since! Hope that puts your mind at rest a bit

Ask about a Tipps procedure. That cleared me up after 2 nearly fatal bleeds

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Hi... my son has just had tips... how long ago did you have yours?

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2 years ago. Head still gets foggy occasionally due to the ammonia levels but the treatment if possible will eradicate future bleeding and a lot easier than transplant

TIPS Also helped me, unfortunately the patient must meet certain numbers in the meld score in order for them to be able to perform the procedure. It also increases the ammonia. Ask the doctors for guidance.

I have no idea what meld score is. Prior to my tipps i only ever had a basic liver scan. No biopsy. No reason given for cirrhosis. Just watching TV one day. Felt queasy puked half or more of my blood out. Start of the roller-coaster. Lots of banding until tipps suggested and performed.

Hi this happened to me 12 years ago first and only symptom of liver disease, lost so much blood I had a stroke. It was 6 years before the subject of a transplant came up, varicies were managed by banding via endoscopy and beta blockers. Good luck


So sorry to hear that hope all goes ok thinking of you

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What a stressful situation for you both.

If you are in the UK, do you want to call our nurse helpline today? we can have a chat, its open 10am to 3pm on 0800 652 7330

Wishing you both the very best.


I m glad the bleed was repaired. It sounds like he has Hepatic Encephalopothy . My husband had a bad case 18 months ago. It is a build up of toxins in the brain. My husband accused me of having affairs with the doctors and paying them to keep him in hospital. He was very cruel . He caused mayhem in the ward and was convinced he was being held against his will... It will get better... just hang in there.

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