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Hi all hope you are all doing well as can be,my lovely dad has been admitted with probable Asities & Cellulitis,they want to get a sample from his liver side to see if he has infection in tummy am I being overly concerned that they want to go in liver side as any drain he has had done in past has always been from opposite side as his consultant wouldn't even give him a biopsy in past as this was his words to dangerous. Dad has not seen any of his liver consultants drain nurse ect, he has been put on a chest ward & I explained again what is wrong with dad but they told me they are not fully up to date of his past and are dealing with as best they can what he has come in with this time,he is on IV 4 times a day for cellulite & IV for tummy infection even tho they have not got a sample off his tummy as of yet I'm thinking this may be done Monday. My other concern is dad bruises very easy especially on his arm's but yesterday I noticed a huge bruise across his chest to which I spoke to nurse worried that dad may be bleeding inside she said she would get Dr to look but no one has been as of yet am I stressing to much or am I right to be concerned over dad I'm feeling no one cares because he isn't allowed a transplant & has been told 16 months ago nothing they can do for him that he had around 8 months hence he is still here 16 months later that they couldn't do biopsy as liver had nodules that had turned to cancer but liver wouldn't stand biopsy,months down line dad felt good & asked could they do anything & could he have another scan a different consultant from his clinic agreed the results to that scan came back the nodules don't look suspicious his proper consultant was not to pleased when I questioned him over this as he had told my dad he had cancer on top of NASH cirrhosis no treatment could be done to help him as he is diabetic type 2 he told him no more scans how on earth do you tell someone they have cancer then another scan comes back non suspicious cancer does not just go then to be told his bloods are high so yes there certain he does have it I then questioned this as I believe the same bloods can also be high with cirrhosis to which he agreed but still stated my dad has cancer. I have asked for a second opinion over this as it is playing on my mind always I won't forgive myself if I let this go,I'm concerned right now as no one seems to know his background & none of his own Dr's have came to see him feel cos he over 70 they aren't interested this purple bruising on chest is also worrying me sick I don't know what to do for the best ☹️ Sorry about the long rant any feedback would me much appreciated

Thanks Tink

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Oh hun you have been put through it, I can understand you being confused and worried.

You have the right to demand that a doctor who deals with hepatoligy comes and sees him on the ward - just accept that it may be a registrar.

You also have a right to change consultants (I did so recently for pretty much the same reason as it happens).

It was an easy thing for me and I hope it is for your father. If you feel you aren't getting anywhere tomorrow ask to speak to someone from PALS -patient advisory and liaison service. There is always at least one person in each hospital. They can fight on your behalf with doctors and ward staff.

At the best of times having your dad in hospital is an awful experience without the chaos on top.

If you are his next of kin you also have the right to question any procedure with a doctor not just a ward nurse. They might huff and puff a bit but they'll have to comply. Demand that they read his notes if you believe what they are doing is dangerous for him.

Above all, don't feel alone, you have support here



Thank you so much Rita,it's been since they told him nothing they can do it's like he doesn't exsist the Dr's & ward he is on at min are lovely seem to be helping him more than his own consultants over last 16 month's but when they said they don't know his background & that they are only gonna treat him for what he went in for I got worried explained everything to them mentioned my concerns ect I know weekends nothing really gets done in hospital but the bruising across his chest is concerning me & other stuff which I have mentioned in previous message,in A& E they mentioned could be bleeding inside & dad didn't have the bruising across his chest then,I only know about bleeding through this site as it has not happened to dad as of yet & may not. My worry is not one of his team have been to see him even tho he was admitted on Tuesday evening yes they have started IV antibiotics for cellulitis and apparently IV antibiotics for a separate infection in his tummy to which they think he has until they get a sample of fluid off him,they tried to get a sample of fluid on Wednesday from his liver side to no avail so are now waiting for someone else to try & I think that will be tomorrow just confused with it all never tried to educate myself so quick in all my life but I will fight on behalf of my dad till his last breath he is still living so should have the right to be treated like any other patient again thank you so much mrsmerlin


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Good morning,

Sorry you are going through such a horrible time with your dad. Pleased that you did say he seems to be getting good nursing and medical care despite the confusion over his history and the long term management of his care.

I really think that the amount of antibiotics being given, indicate an approach that is going to deal with any infection whatever the cause and wherever it may be.

I was admitted with an infection involving the ascites within the abdominal cavity. This is a known problem with cirrhosis and very treatable. Its known as Spontaneous Bacterial Peritonitis. My diagnosis was entirely from blood samples and symptoms, so being able to get a sample of the abdominal fluid might not be too much of a problem as the treatment would be the same anyway.

As for the bruising, that's unfortunately quite normal as the clotting system is badly effected by liver disease. I had quite a lot of bruising from any minor or not even noticed bump.

The advice from mrsmerlin is definitely something to consider. PALS know the system, who to speak to, the procedures for raising concerns about treatment and management of a patients needs.

Your dad seems to have a lot to deal with, most of us couldn't deal with just one problem. Glad he has somebody like yourself to look after him and take care of his health.

Take care,



Thank you Jim I have took on board what use have said will wait till tomorrow see what is happening then go from there,thank you for your feedback it's much appreciated thank goodness there is people like yourselves I would be lost just now without use


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Hi Tink,

If you'd like to talk the situation through with me, then the helpline is open today until 2.30pm on 0800 652 7330

Wishing you and your dad well,


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