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Anxiety and Depression - cont

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Just to continue on the subject of Anxiety and Depression that I posted up earlier. I thought I’d add this snippet of news about a forthcoming online course from the people at “FutureLearn”.

Like others on here, I too completed the two liver subject courses run on “FutureLearn” by the University of Birmingham. These are “Liver Disease: Looking after Your Liver”: and “Liver Transplant: The ins and Outs: both these courses are free and involve just three hours a week for three weeks.

The other free course being run on “FutureLearn” by the University of Reading entitled “Understanding Anxiety, Depression and CBT”:

This is a five-week course with a weekly study of three hours a week. I have attached this video which should help to explain more about the course:

So, if you happen to have spare 3-hours a week for the next five weeks, and would like to try and understand and learn more about this condition then why not give it a go.

I’m going to give it a go, so why not join me.


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Hi Richard, that sounds very interesting. Is it tied in specifically to liver problems or could it be applied in a wider setting?

No, it's just about understand about Anxiety and Depression. I believe that the more we learn and understand ourselves, we become more confident and worry less.

I posted this up so that others my learn more about their respective condition. This is just for information only.

But I can strongly recommend the two Liver courses though. I did both of these some years ago now, and amazed myself of my score. On the “Liver Transplant: The ins and Outs" I scored 91% and for the “Liver Disease: Looking after Your Liver” I managed a 98% which I thought was pretty good for an old guy in his 60's.

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Great information Richard. CBT used to be available on the NHS but it’s very hard to get it now and for those that manage it it’s about a 2 year waiting list. I was paying £60 per hour privately in 2019 after a bad spell... If only I was earning that!

I completed a CBT course twice decades ago on the NHS and it was extremely helpful. In fact after one course being extremely unwell I was well for a couple of years... I would recommend CBT to anyone.

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Hello, Dogmadpam! Am I correct in interpreting your message to mean that it's difficult to get the NHS to approve CBT treatment? And, once approved, you might wait 2 years to see a CBT provider/doctor/therapist/counselor? Thanks!

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Hi, yes that is correct. If you ever see any NHS advertisements look at the comments, it’s awful. They advertise like mad for a service that is almost non existent! I’ve been under a mental health team for 18 months and the only reason I got there was a trip to A&E and seeing the phych team. Before that they refused to see me even at the request of two doctors demanding for months It’s extremely hard to get help and even when a hospital intervened it still took months for me to even get a call.

All is not lost however, charities like MIND are picking up the pieces. You can get help very quickly..

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Thanks for this info. Is the NHS particularly resistant to approving CBT vs. other therapies? Or is it the same for any type of therapy?

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Same for all. I’ve been under a mental health team for 18 months now and they have told me straight, there isn’t any therapies. I’ve had nothing but a chat with a nurse full stop and that’s every 3 months. 25 years ago the services were brilliant, but now it’s diminished drastically. Thank god charities are there to pick up the pieces!!

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Thank you for posting this Richard. FutureLearn courses are excellent and it is a great way for people to educate themselves.

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