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Anxiety after Transplant?

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Hello all, hope everyone is in the best of health!

I'm messaging regarding a total different issue. Well I think I have anxiety. I was fine after the transplant and very happy. However in the last month I can feel a bit of anxiety symptoms. I of course think of everything I have been through but that doesn't start of the anxiety. It just sort of triggers with the thought 'so what will I do tomorrow' and then I feel like 'nothing much as the day will end soon'. I cannot explain but I feel like I Dont have much to do when in fact I have two little children and when the day comes I'm so busy. It is like a slight feeling of depression.

Sometimes when I go to bed I feel afraid and I can feel the symptoms of heart palpitations and just the horrible feeling of being scared but do not know why?

I've learnt to ignore it but it isn't letting me live my life normally.

I will be going counselling soon though

Just wondering will it go away?

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Could it be the drugs?

I'm assuming you're on tacrolimus, depression come's under the "More Common" category in the above link?

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Rodeojoe thank you for that! Yes I am on 6mg of tac in the morning and 6mg at night.

This has come on suddenly because when I think of what I have gone through, I do not feel sad. I feel like I'm a survivor and I feel really strong. I'm not a person to dwell on things and of course after such sudden tragedy, I want to live each day with my children happily.

I have this horrible burning/tingling sensation all night especially on my thighs. I suddenly feel depressed and I'm not sure at what? If I could say that I am depressed due to the memories then I'd have an answer.

I felt anxiety and depression when I was really ill. The doctors said liver failure causes a lot of those symptoms. They all stopped once I was in hospital. When I came out I was nervous and scared as I'm how I'd manage life with my children. However I've been doing so well. Managing the house and children. I've been less stressed about life. I used to be such a routine obsessed person but now I'm so laid back.

I have an appointment tomorrow for clinic so I'll bring it up! I've also suddenly lost my appetite?


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Yes I have similar feelings about being strong, like yourself I feel like against all the odds I came out the other side stronger than ever.

But it's really no surprise that you might have some anxiety and depression after such an ordeal.

I looked at some of your posts and it looks like you had your transplant about six months ago?

I did have a bit of a wobble about six months post transplant. I was not great to be around, my partner would definitely back me up on that. Not depression or anxiety but really moody.

Perhaps it's quite common? Just getting yourself on an even keel so to speak after all the steroids, and surgery and shock of it all.

I hope Rodeojoe it is just a slight blip and I'm back to my normal self very soon. I've had a good day today. It started of with a bit of anxiety but today it isn't so bad.

If it is tac side effects will they just go on time? For example after a few months of transplant I had very bad joint pains especially in ankles. It has somewhat gone now or not as bad!

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Interesting, I had joint pains too. Mainly my knees, I thought it might have been from coming off steroids which apparently can have that affect.

It slowly started getting better but even today jogging is painful. I never noticed this when I was better pre transplant.

I can't help you because I feel the same!

Hi to all of you complaining about joint problems after transplant.

Just to say that my husband has had joint problems since transplant.

Apparently Immunosuppressants can cause a problem with the joints, which we don't get told.

My husband has been suffering for nearly four years We saw various Rheumatologists who all gave different opinions. Finally he had an MRI on the worst joint, his ankle. It showed deterioration of the joint known as Osteonecrosis. He has now had to have a joint fusion and is in plaster for months.

I am not saying that this happens to everybody , but, if you have persistent joint pain get it checked and don't be fobbed off.

I'm 22 days post transplant. May I message you privately?

I may have some info you might really appreciate right now..I know I sure did when I got it last week.



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Thanks Kimberly! You areost welcome x

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You've got me curious now Kimberly. Being post transplant I'm wondering what the info is? Of course not if it is private though.

I can't help much as am the same. They have now told me I have ptsd because of they way the transplant happened, basically was fit n healthy, collapsed, uncouncious, family told had 48 hrs was very luck with hours to spare. They did say depression n at first & councilling did help, for me was short term though.

Speak to your transplant coordinator & also mention it to clinic next time you are there, had mine at QE & there support has been fab, as am sure, every transplant unit is. The support is there, you just need to ask. I didn't thought could deal with it, would go away & was wasting their time, it won't & you are not, wish I had earlier in fact I didn't, my partner did after I broke down at clinic 😱

So sorry you feel this way, good that you will be going for counseling, I have heard from other people who has had Transplant that the way you feel is normal for some people, look at all you have been through sometimes we can go through horrendous illness come out the other side and this anxiety comes out of the blue the counseling will help. Good luck. Annette


Hi Jahida

Are you still taking Prednisolone that's a hard one causes what some athletes call roid rage. How it works is it mimics adrenalin so your adrenal gland shuts down and you get a controlled dose from the meds. It can take awhile for this to happen, so when you first start on it you are getting a double dose. This sends the body's fight or flight mechanism in to overdrive, so it's hardly surprising that you feel anxious.

All the best hope you get well soon regards biabo11

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