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Fibro scan

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Fibroscan down from over 12 to 4.6 in just over 2 years

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Hi Chris Is this a new scan you have had done ? How did you get on with liver nurse?

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CHRISR999 in reply to Angel46

Hi angel that reply was ment for you I sent to millie09. Lol

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confused71 in reply to CHRISR999

Well done very impressed ---I lost 20 pounds and went from 9.8 kPa to 7.1 in a year --what did the consultant say --nothing encouraging at all just lose more weight I left so deflated .I dont think its known how important that you are given encouragement especially when you deserve it ---I dont even want to go to my next appointment as its been 18 months and I havent lost any more weight which at the moment is 74 kg

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CHRISR999 in reply to confused71

Think of it like this. Why ever you going in the right direction just keep going. You can get there in the end. And thank you

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Angel46 in reply to CHRISR999

Sounds like you are on the right track Chris, well done. Healthy body , healthy mind . I’m just by making up my juices for the day, I’m not the best of eaters , struggle to find things I like as I’m celiac and I hate the gluten free alternatives of my old favourite foods. With the nausea and sickness I find it hard to push myself to eat things I don’t really want hence why I try having at least one/two juices a day to get some goodness in . Fresh Beetroot juice is excellent for all sorts but extremely good for the liver .

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jazzjam in reply to Angel46

Do you put anything in your Beetroot juice, I find it a very hard drink, bitter and soily and I really want to like it.

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Angel46 in reply to jazzjam

Yes, a bit of lemon and red apples, makes a nice juice

Thats brilliant!! Well done 👏

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CHRISR999 in reply to Millie09

Was in December. Liver nurse was very unhelpful. I turned my attention to eating lots of healthy foods. Especially anti inflammatory foods. Turmeric one of them. Drank lots of water, exercised 3 to 4 times a week. Lost over a stone in weight. My consultant was very impressed, he noted it as remarkable

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Millie09 in reply to CHRISR999

That's great! I think healthy eating is the key, I too bought my fibroscan down from 27 to 11 , in two years, that was from eating good and no alcohol as I have alcohol related cirrhosis now 13 yrs diagnosis this June.

Thank you for sharing.


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Tia2021 in reply to CHRISR999

Wow that's brilliant, well done 👍☺️x

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CHRISR999 in reply to Tia2021

Thanks. I believe you can heal your body if you give it the building blocks. I'm living proof 😁

Hi I’ve been reading your posts and think you have done amazingly well,could you help me,I can see you take turmeric is that in a supplement? I’m really trying to eat healthily but not sure if tablets are the way to do it.Many thanks Maria

Hello. I add turmeric to my food. Its a natural anti imflammaty food. I just did all the right things in the end. And gave it time. The saying times a great healer is very true. Look after yourself is the best way. Keep off booze. Drinking poison for fun is not a great idea once you have a liver problem especially. You can do it 😁

Thank you!! Take care and keep well 👍😀

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jazzjam in reply to CHRISR999

Which other types of foods/meals did you eat Chrisr999?

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CHRISR999 in reply to Millie09

Thank you millie09

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Millie09 in reply to CHRISR999

Your most welcome chrisR999 .credit where credits due !

Well done.

It can be done. And thank you

What we’re your symptoms when you started off?

I had loads of symptoms. I was hurrendously ill at beginning. Nausea, loss of appetite, no sex drive at all. Felt really unwell. Like I didn't want to live. Had severe stomach pain like someone was cutting me with a knife, that's was due to my small gut intestine Been inflamed with years of drinking. Slowly I improved took months. I had a enlarged fatty liver with all the extra calories consumed from lager. My liver nurse said I'd got a very sick liver. I've just eaten a great diet and lost weight and 2 years later. I've managed to turn it around. My consultant noted my progress was very impressive. So it can be done if you focus on a healthy life style

I haven’t had alcohol in months now and can’t really eat because I’m so anxious. I know what to do and will do it but I can’t help thinking I’m going to die. I was happy and healthy until November, stomach acid if I drank the wrong wine but unfortunately found one that I enjoyed. Too much. Thanks for your encouragement.

It's very worrying. But trust me the liver is amazing. Just love it and take care of it now. It's been there for you all your life. Now it's your turn to be there for it. Give it all the right fuel you will be surprised how it will recover. Nutrition is key now. Don't not eat. Eat the right things. I wish you well

Thank you.

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CML20 in reply to CHRISR999

What diet are you following?

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Downunda in reply to CHRISR999

Hi CHRISR999. That is truly amazing and very encouraging!! My scan results are 34 kPa.

You mean you can really lower your fibroscan score?? I was told by my doctors that once the damage is done, it cannot be reversed.

This really motivates me to keep eating healthy and exercise.

Well done!

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CHRISR999 in reply to Downunda

Hi there there's alot of confusion and mis understanding. You liver can repair its in a constant state of repair. It won't repair if you keep abusing it. Then it will get worse. Give it care, nutrition is key. Anti inflammatory foods I found was great. Turmeric, blueberries, fresh foods. Etc etc. I had lost of super foods daily. Google super foods and consume those. Exercise too. That releases chemical into the blood that stimulate tissue and body cells. I also did some imtimiting fasting. Twice a week. Not everyone can do that but a 16- 8 is easy. For example eat you last meal at 5 pm then have nothing only water or black unsweetened coffee or unsweetened tea until 9am next morning.. I did push to a 18-6. Around 18hours you start to get into autophogy thats when your cells recycle. But only do it if its safe for you of course. I believe doing all I've mentioned has reflected in my improvements. Regards chris

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Downunda in reply to CHRISR999

Hi There. Thank you for the info. In early Feb, my bloodwork and LFT were all perfect. My doctors couldn’t believe it.

Then I fell off the wagon again. For those who know my story from my 14 year old and his eye last September...well, something else happened to him. It was horrific in every sense. I will share this story in a separate post. By the Grace of God he’s ok. However, I couldn’t deal with the stress and emotion plus couldn’t and still can’t get the image out of my head. So I fell off the wagon for 2 months. Today is day 4 not drinking and I will NEVER drink again. Thank you. Cheers. Dan

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DB50 in reply to Downunda

Mine went from 52 (May 2019) to 12kPa (Mar 2021), I gave up drinking in 2019 (and haven’t been happier for a long time!), so it can come down. I think it was elevated in ‘19 by quite pronounced hepatomegaly, resulting from acute hepatitis, though, with underlying early cirrhosis.

U/S scans suggest that it’s progressed beyond fatty liver to fibrosis (Fibroscan of 12 puts it into F2-F3 transition, or early F3, with alcohol-related aetiology, depending on which chart one looks at).

Fibroscan can is a bit of a ‘blunt instrument’ in some respects, and the score really needs to be put into the context of other results. Further, any one reading is just a ‘snapshot’ at a particular time, and obviously doesn’t tell us anything about activity, whether it is regressing or progressing. That said, I’m happy that it’s gone down and not up. I’ll see what the next Fibroscan brings.

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Downunda in reply to DB50

Hi DB50. Thank you for the reply. Mine kPa number was from haemachromotosis being missed diagnosed for years that I wasn’t supposed to drink and then an extremely abusive marriage, I drank as my emotional coat of armour. So it ended up becoming ALD.

I’ve only recently quick drinking. I’m eating pretty healthy as well. What I not doing have must is to walk everyday for at least 30mins.

Thanks again. Cheers. Dan

Hy!so in the end is it possible to drop down?what diet did you have?

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CHRISR999 in reply to Ilinca

I've put what I did on the thread for you to read

I have maybe it doesn t work in my case

Brilliant Chris, it is not easy to turn around your diet. I think most if us have tried different funky diets over the years 😂 This time you had a real reason to go for it and you have done amazing!

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