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GGT normal but my right rib feels sore and brown spots seen on my torso

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My GGT levels were high since July and i stopped taking metformin for my diabetes and stopped doing keto. The GGT levels are normal when i checked again in November. However i have slight pain under my right rib and have brown patches all over my torso. Has any one had these symptoms and how did you deal with it

5 Replies

Hopefully your doctor knows that you have stopped your diabetes medication? Any change in prescribed medication should always be under the care and instruction of your own doctor.

You may want to consider re-visiting the GP so you can show them the skin changes and discuss the ache near your ribs. If you have not had an ultrasound or another imaging scan you could also discuss that with them.

Best wishes.

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You may want to be careful when considering keto diet as it may not be best choice for everyone. Especially for people with diabetes must avoid Keto diet as it might result in a dangerous condition called ketoacidosis. Have you got the LFT done? What are the readings for AST & ALT? Has your doctor suggested any ultrasound test for right upper quadrant as your are reporting pain in that area?

Metformin helps in insulin resistance and the best medicine out there for metabolic conditions. It is never advised to stop any medication without the instruction from your doctor. You may want to consider re-visiting your doctor and get the tests done as suggested by your doctor. Check if you have to visit gastro specialist.

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UshaSuryavanshi in reply to nevergiveup887

Hi,My AST and ALT results are normal, i am on a low card diet and my recent HBA1C reading was at 6.2 without medication and i did consult the doctor, I have scheduled an appointment with the doctor and will be visiting in the second week of Jan, I will ask for a scan.

Thank you all for your advice!!

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I'm not sure why you stopped the metformin. I have found metformin to be very helpful with my liver.

As for how your liver is doing, GGT is only one of several liver enzymes that should be checked. Also, if platelets counts are low, liver function tests will look better than they really are.

Pain under the ribs could indicate liver inflammation. Dark patches on the skin could mean severe insulin resistance and a high A1C.

You need to see a physician for guidance.

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nevergiveup887 in reply to RosaRugosa

I totally agree with RosaRugosa here. Metformin helped me a lot with my insulin resistance and NASH.Stopping a medicine abruptly without physician advice might lead to other issues. Please get in touch with your primary care physician and you may have to work with your doctor if an expert advice like a gastro visit is required.

See if you need to get an USG for abdomen since you are reporting pain in your upper right quadrant followed by blood tests to determine the condition.

You can keep the community updated here with your condition so that we can support you in any means we can here as a community.

Wishing you best of health.

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