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GGT 64, was 66 six months ago

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I have found out that my GGT is 64 this week. Back in September it was 66. All my other blood tests including LFTs were fine. I eat fairly healthy and exercise. I like a drink but make sure I don't exceed 21 units a week (I am a bit OCD so tend to count them each week).

My mum also has isolated high levels of GGT. Could this be hereditary?

Tomorrow I will have an ultrasound on my liver. I don't understand why one isolated test continues as high. It makes me very anxious. Does anyone know what a continued, slight elevantion of GGT levels could mean?

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Just to add: I am almost 45 years old and am just about to start blood pressure medication. Also I hadn't drunk alcohol in 2 days before my latest blood test.

it could mean a fatty liver, which does need to be carefully monitored, because it can turn into a inflammed and fatty liver and lead to damage of the liver.

Just to out your mind at rest, 60 is considered the high end of the 'normal' range. I tended to watch what I was drinking as I knew I had some damage. My ggt sat at 130 for about 10 yrs no matter what I did. I have just had a blood test done and awaiting results but haven't touched a drop of alcohol for nearly 5 months to see what it is now. It was up to 430 at the start of December after a 3 day stop over in Bangkok where I did have a few shandies. My advice to you is don't worry about 66. I wish mine was less than 100. Remember the 'normal' range is something like 20-60. This can change on a daily basis. If everything else is normal DON'T WORRY. Just keep being sensible when it comes to food and drink. Lower your fat intake if possible and try reducing alcohol intake and make sure you don't have more than 3 units a day.

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briccolone in reply to CaptM

my GGt when first tested was 180-despite 3 months abstinence never went below 167-diagnosed with fattly liver feb last year with fibroscan at 7.2 and have been sill enough not to watch the drinking closely. I suspect my fatty liver has worsened into something more sinister

Briccolone, I'm sorry to hear that and thanks for sharing. I am going to stay off alcohol for a while. I suspect I probably do have the early stages of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (I have never been a very heavy drinker or a binge driner). So I'll try to continue to investigate with my GP and see what happens. I have read on that cardiovascular illness can be a more common consequence of fatty liver than liver disease itself. So I am glad that I have now started bp meds. I definitely feel as if I have walked through a door into middle age and ill health in the last few days (I turn 45 shortly). But having suffered from health anxiety in the past it's also very important for me to keep a sensible head about all of this and not to get obsessive.

no probs-I'm 59 now-my advice as many others on this site will agree is to take good care of the liver-you've only got one. I've abused mine but even so somethings working as my cholesterol's come down and my triglicerides are good-very complex beast the liver-hopefully mine isnt damaged beyond repair. I feel very sorry for people who have liver conditions through no fault of their own. Keep us posted. BTw seach on ggt on this site and you'll see some useful stuff-some even from me... cheers

Just to be on the safe side, why not give your liver a complete rest from alcohol for a while.

It will help lose weight to if you need to.

Hi, my GGT is 54 and has been steadily rising. My reference source suggests 48 is high for males. I know I have liver disease with cirrhosis. I do not drink and prior to diagnosis was low level. 21 units a week when you know you have problems with your liver - I just don't get it. I believe GGT is a test for hepatobilary disease when elevated, but also for alcohol consumption and occult alcoholism ( not sure what that is). Please do yourself a favour and stop.

I had ggt of 180 because of years of too much wine-3 months dry and went down to 167-high GGT can be caused by lots of things. My ultrasound at this point was clear. I'm pretty sure I have early stage cirrhosis(undiagnosed) now as I didnt take good care

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Kyere in reply to briccolone

I have never drank alcohol before. A year ago my GGT was up to 260 but it has continued to go up. Just had blood work done Thursday and came back with my GGT 574. Not on any drugs either. Not sure what is going on. Sometimes I wish I had an excuse as to why it's so high.

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Healthy85 in reply to Kyere

Hi Kyere, I was wondering if you got levels stoped going up?

Thank you everyone for taking the time to reply. I just had my liver ultrasound and it was normal. So that is some comfort.

Lambeau - just to clarify that no one had suggested i might have liver disease until my doctor discussed my second high ggt result yesterday. So i understand that 21 units a week doesnt make sense when a lft is coming up high.

I am not overweight - my bmi is 23.5 and i swim and run and gym every week and get my five a day. But i do plan to avoid drinking for a while. I will have repeat blood tests in two weeks to see how my bp meds are affecting me. I know two weeks (almost 3 as i have not drunk in a few days already) may not be enough to have a positive impact on my ggt level but we will see.

Thanks again everyone.

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ultrasound isnt very good at seeing early damage and your liver would have to be pretty fatty for it to show. i had a clear ultrasound, 6months later I had a Fibroscan and there was still some fat even after 6months of no alcohol.

You shouldnt drink until you find out more about this. is your doctor checking into Primary Bilary issues? GGT is in the biliary cells of the liver

My highest GGT was 23 and i still had some fat. its now 16

Good Morning GGTsadness,

Reference values are dependent on many factors, including patient age, gender, sample population, and test method, and numeric test results can have different meanings in different labs. It is best to discuss with your GP what the range is for your results and if they are worried about them.

A raised GGT level can be a sign that something is going on with your liver but not specifically what. A raised GGT level on its own can be a sign of injury to your bile ducts. Your GGT level can also increase if you have a problem with your bones or you are taking some medications including many prescription and non-prescription drugs, do you regularly take any other medications?

Our Liver function levels (LFT’s) can go up and down depending on many things such as recent illness or infection, try not to worry, your doctor seems to be investigating to possible cause.

Even small amounts of alcohol consumed within 24 hours of your GGT test may cause a temporary increase in the GGT result, if you consume alcohol regularly - so you are doing the right thing by avoiding alcohol for now.

Smoking may also increase GGT concentrations. Levels of GGT increase with age in women, but not in men, and are always somewhat higher in men than in women.

Kind regards

Sandy Forsyth

Patient Support and Information Manager

I just wanted to give an update as I know that people often don't on these health boards..... I had new blood tests after two weeks of no alcohol and my GGT level had dropped down to 44. Other tests normal too. So I am pleased and plan to keep my alcohol intake to a minimum from now on.

I have just found out my GGT is 84 !!........I dont drink I do smoke approx 12 a I go for a an ultra sound and ct scan.......what does this mean. I am 60yrs old.

My dear three months ago i had 34 ggt level

After this i was diagnosed with breast cancer

So I've been through a lot of pain from the biopsies and tests and the large surgery

I took two months tramadol and other heavy medicine for pain..

So today my ggt is 67

Am cleaning the poisoning on my liver by taking curcuma and detox capsules

And green tea instead of coffee and drinking limon with hot water

And I'll check again three months later

It's also effected from stress

Try to be less stressed

Try yoga and meditation

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Trust1Administrator in reply to jomana80

We would suggest to be very cautious taking detox tablets and any complementary or alternative medicines and discuss your use of them with your own medical team.

Many products are not classified as a medicine and therefore are not licensed, which means you cannot be sure how much of the active ingredient you are getting or how pure it is. Traditional herbal medicines do not have to undergo the stringent regulatory processes that medical drugs have to; therefore manufacturers do not have to prove effectiveness in well-designed large trials. Here is the link to our webpage on Complementary & Alternative Medicines

Just a polite reminder jomana80 that this is a liver forum, maybe you will find a breast cancer page of more use to you.

Very best wishes


in reply to jomana80

Coffee is fantastic for your liver. Especially when keeping inflammatory enzymes at bay. Also its well known that there is no such thing as liver detox meds, they are a marketing money grab. The supposed detox meds are actually more detrimental and potentially harmful to your liver. Tumeric has health benefits but, the dose quantities in all supplements have shown to cause liver damage as its an overload of whats required especially in people with preexisting liver issues because of the insuffeciency the liver has in properly processing them. That being said any and all supplements should be cleared by a doctor before using them. One would be hardpressed to find a member on this forum that wont back what I am saying about that. The liver doesnt need anything to detox it. It just needs things to not cause it any more stress. A good diet is more than sufficient for this. Lemon water is good for you. But it is also a mild diuretic so you still want to get in plenty of plain old H2O as well.

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jomana80 in reply to

Thank you so much for your full information reply really appreciate it

I take the detux herbs formula from farmachy or nature place

I do it only once a year it a drink

Herbs that i know

It's very useful

And cleans the body

You don't lose if you try it once

Still i take curcuma capsules every day

And Omega 3 capsules

Coffee i have two short esspresso only a day

I reduced the amounts

Thought it harms the stomach

I have some issues in it

I make gastro scopia every year

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