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Ultrasound scan on liver

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I'm so scared for tomorrow to get this scan done like I've never been so scared what if they say I've got live cirrhosis or something I know my GGT was 43 but it still can happen I'm so so so scared 😭😭

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We are all scared at the outset of our illness, after my initial diagnosis I was terrified of what would happen to myself and family, but whatever the future holds for you, you wont be on your own there will be family and friends and your hospital team if it develops that far. I did eventually need a transplant which I had 7 years ago and I am still here alive and still working at 67, so just try and think positivly even though it is hard sometimes.

Ahh Cashiee. I have been and will be thinking of you πŸ’•

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Cashiee97 in reply to Laura009

Thankyou 😭 I'm not normally a pussy cat with things like this so I'm just confused as to why I'm so terrified this time xx

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Laura009 in reply to Cashiee97

I know you are a tough cookie ! It's perfectly normal you are going into the unknown..... I have replied to your private message πŸ’•πŸ’•

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Ruggerhead in reply to Cashiee97

Cashiee, I have found this site wonderful support to all of us going through some degree of worry. But as others have said you will get through this. The prognosis whatever it is or isn't is certainly not as it might have been years ago. I don't know what other symptoms you have but remember there are many stages of liver problems, and that the liver has an amazing way of repairing itself even after considerable damage. I would not tend in my opinion, not a Dr, to fixate too much on blood levels as everyone is different and LFT's etc can be up and down for many reasons. I hope this helps, i work in the area of mental health so it is important to try and stay positive so you can deal with whatever you may face. Given you seem reasonably young? Im sure that things may not be as bad as you think, try to relax and make sure you have a list of questions for your Dr. Good luck, you got this..

Hi Cashiee I am scared too I am having a liver scan tomorrow ( Christmas eve ) and petrified what the outcome maybe . I am having it done as my ferritin levels & GGT levels were raised . Fingers crossed for both of us that everything will be fine πŸ™‚. πŸ€žπŸ™. Good luck πŸ‘ xx

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Cashiee97 in reply to Karen4422

Thankyou I hope so too I wish you the best of luck xxd

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Ruggerhead in reply to Karen4422

Karen, I am sure that you will be ok, we are not allowed to comment on various blood test results, and it also depends on the levels. But the main markers of liver issues from a blood (LFT) point of view are often read in ratio combinations ie ALP,AST, Alk Phos etc etc. Excess Ferritin is an iron storage and could be due to a lot of things including inflammation elsewhere. and GGT the same. Try not to get ahead of things and remain positive. Im sure things will not be as you seem.

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We hope your scan goes well, keep us posted and take care :)

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Karen4422 in reply to Trust1

Good morning Completely forgot to keep you informed about scan results. I got my results my doctor said that it showed up cysts on my liver. So is now sent me for Hepatitis screening bloods . Which I had done on Monday this week. So I will just have to wait for those results now. However long they take to come back.

Still worrying myself sick about it all. πŸ™

Hoping for good results for you!

Hoping for good results for you cashiee so you can do it you'll smash it πŸ’ͺ. Take care yeh

did u get the results?

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Cashiee97 in reply to B3nnen2015

Yes she said she didn't see anything alarming as of yet didn't like the yet part but all is good I believe just need to wait for doctor to ring really x

Id take that as good news :)

Found this late....43 is nothing to be worried about IMO.....did you get you'd US done

Yeah everything was perfect so I'm confused haha x

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