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Blood results

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I'm absolutely petrified about getting my results on Friday please for the love of God pray for me my anxiety has me thinking its gonna say I've got cancer or something sinister, and hopefully when they come back normal I'm absolutely gonna kick anxiety to the curb 🙏🙏🙏🙏

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I will be thinking of you sweetheart. You will be kicking the curb and l will be doing cartwheels down the road. 🤸‍♀️🤸‍♂️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♂️🤸‍♀️

Keep smiling, stay calm ... big hug 🤗

Love Laura x xx

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Cashiee97 in reply to Laura009

Thankyou Laura you have been a bloody brilliant support. Xxx

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Laura009 in reply to Cashiee97

Ah bless you xxx

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Laura009 in reply to Cashiee97

It's you doing the hard work, l'm just ....... holding your hand ? Xx

My thoughts are with you

I get terrible anxiety too. I sometimes think the anxiety is worse than the medical issues I am dealing with! Sending you peaceful thoughts.

I said recently (but to another poster) that the anxiety will also be increased by recently quitting alcohol. Be honest now, have you got any physical symptoms except the aches and pains (which you mentioned are lesser when you don’t drink) and the anxiety? You haven’t mentioned anything else major so I suspect all will be OK. You’ve done 100% the right thing by getting the blood tests.

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Hi Cashiee97,

Hoping your results are good, thinking of you x

Thinking of you Cashiee and praying for good news. I find the anxiety around my health the hardest thing to deal with x

Fingers crossed for you honey 🤞🤞🤞xxx

Stopping drinking and facing things is hard; admitting to yourself where you are at, stopping drinking, having the tests, and you've done all that. Waiting's horrible, and as someone else has said anxiety can be bad when you first stop drinking. It does get much better. I feel like my life's my own again. Please, please keep it up!

Best of luck with all of it, Cashiee.


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Its always the hardest part waiting for test results. Try to keep positive and keep talking to your forum friends who have been a great support to you....Thank you Laura.


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