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Hubby back in hospital

Hubby was called in to see gp about the results of his blood tests well the gp turned out to be a locum and he suggested that steve should go into hospital and steve was happy to do this so gp rang kings but couldent get through so then gp rang 111 to get advice from them and they adviced that steve would be better off at home as they would only moitor his bloods as you can imagine steve and i was not happy with this so i rang liver co ordinator my self and told them what had happened with gp (not happy) anyway took steve to a&e as adviced by them,after two hours in a&e blood results started to come back liver bloods where ok and they suggested he could come home but they where still waiting for the kidney ones to come back when they did the doctor came back in and said steve was being admitted this was on wednesday and on the thursday they drained ten litres from his stomach and te fluid was blood red so they have been keeping an eye on him and ordered blood incase he need it well to day they told us steve has a bleed somewhere and apparently its coming from a leision on his liver so they have given him two units but if he deteriates anymore they will be putting him in icu.

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Sorry to hear that Treamber, I really feel you have both been really badly let down over the time things have taken and the care Steve has received or not received in some cases all along your journey.

Is he in your local hospital at the moment? Are they talking about transferring him into Kings?

When my Stephen was on the list we were told that any time he was seen by a GP for anything, even a cold we were to notify the transplant co-ordinators and certainly if he was admitted to hospital whilst listed then the TP team should be made aware in order to arrange a transfer to main hospital. I would have thought the liver team would want a look at this situation and whether an urgent TP might be needed especially if they think this bleed is due to something going on with the liver.

I wish you both all the very best.

Katie xxx


Hi thank you steve is in local hospital at the moment and transplant team are aware of what is happening and keeping a close eye on him,when i spoke to the coordinator she said she can't promise anything but on his bloods and kidneys he should be priortised and our hope is that he will be transferred to king's.


Fingers crossed for you both.

Katie xx


Thank you xx


Dear Treamber,

This must be so frightening for you... But just imagine if you had stayed at home? Goodness me! These health advisers need to get themselves sorted out...

As long as you are in a liver centre and they can find the bleed - it means they can stop the bleed. Also he is in the best place as his new results will update his profile for transplant.

Here's sending you lots of warm hugs loaded with ample prayers.

Lots of love,




Just read that your in a local - when will they transfer him?



Thank you all for your replies, Steve came home yesterday and for now seem's to be doing ok,we are at kings on monday for his follow up appointment so hopefully will find out what is going on.

We have a hospital bag packed ready to go if steve has to go into hospital obviously i don't want to be dragging the full bag for just an appointment but am just wondering if i should just put a few basics in a bag just in case.

Pear,Steve and i are pleased that your hubby is home and wish you both well.


Oh 😓😓😓 somehow only just seen this in 'news feed' 😘😘😘😘 how is he ?? And how are you doing ?? I hope that he has made some improvement ❤️❤️❤️❤️ and that you are coping well - it's so frightening like Pear says 😘😘

Robs hopefully being admitted to Kings Monday - you might bump into him - he normally has some type of character pyjama bottoms on 😂😂😂😂 our sense of humour - he has Mr Grumpy ones on today 😆😆

Love and Big hugs ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


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