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Hi, we have just got back from a face to face at Queens Medical Centre. They agree that Kevin needs a transplant and they are going to do everything they can to that end. However the cardio gram that was done isn’t any good so they are arranging and MRI as they need to know that his heart is strong enough and also he has a lot of calcification so they need a better view for the surgeons at Cambridge. A telephone consult is being arranged which hopefully will be to say come to Cambridge ge for the day to complete the assessment.

So not sure what to think, Kevin upset that it will be another month of not knowing.

Pam x

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Well that all sounds positive to me considering a transplant will be on the cards. The next month will fly and things really will start moving .... best of luck!

Bs1524 in reply to Laura009

Thanks Laura, it really worried me when he said about the state of his arteries but then again he didn’t say they are so bad that it was a no.

Pam x

They really want to check that he is able to get through the arduous process of getting a transplant. Everything will be throughly checked, so try not to worry too much.

It’s part of the assessment process and I have everything crossed for you both 🤞

As everyone has one has said, they check everything very carefully

They must consider there is a good chance or they would not sent you to make sure.

At this stage its all waiting, as Laura said it will soon pass

Good Luck


Bs1524 in reply to david5354

Thanks David,

I think it was the question mark over the state of his arteries it through me for bit. I have been thinking (obviously) last night and as his next consult with the Cambridge team is a telephone one they said no need to drag us so far as we have now met I just thought would they deliver bad news over the phone they must think he is in with a chance. It is a shame the cardiogram was useless.

I just have to keep Kevin’s chin up till November

Pam x

david5354 in reply to Bs1524

Its all difficult, I remember having scans where they could not even find my liver!

Waiting to get the go ok is scary, but its a comfort when you go in for the operation that they have checked thoroughly


Trickytrees in reply to Bs1524

Hi Pam, the same happened to me, but here I am 9months post transplant feeling really great. The waiting is the worst part, but be assured they would not have brought you down the line this far to say no. They are just making sure all is ok for the op.

All the best.

Hi Trickytrees

Thank you so much for your encouragement it really helps to keep things in perspective. As you say the waiting is the worst part.

Pam x

Hi Pam,

Things are sounding mainly positive.

I failed my heart stress test because my BP fell through the floor and the test had to be stopped. I thought, Oh well! there go my chances of transplant :-( but as you know I am now just over 2 years post transplant :-)

Keep positive the both of you.

Wishing you all the very best with the remainder of the tests/scans.


Thanks for the moral boost it was his comment about his arteries that worried me but he didn’t say no, so fingers crossed.

That's a good sign in itself.

Everything crossed here for you both x

Keep positive it’s really important but I know it’s hard. I’m 5 year post transplant. It’s still a difficult road but I had complications post transplant but I can only say Cambridge has a brilliant knowledgeable team who are lovely people and will pave the way. I often think that my husband and our family had it more difficult than me. Thoughts are with u all xx

Right behind you Kevin. Go with what they advise. They will ensure how you are before transplant. I got mine 2013 and lead life to the full. Now 73 years old and enjoy what everyone does for life. Swimming several days per week, going on holiday and enjoying grandkids. All the best to you.

Bs1524 in reply to Tourguide

So pleased for you it really helps to hear other positive stories, thank you x

I fully understand how difficult it is to wait. I too had to wait for my thyroid levels to reduce and I also had to have an angiogram to ensure my heart and arteries were strong enough. Unfortunately this took around 6 months before I finally got the call that I was now on the active transplant list. I then had to wait almost a year to the day for a transplant, it took so long due to the fact I couldn't have a donor liver from someone who had died of a cardiac issue.

I must admit we weren't too stressed before I was on the list, but once on the list, your never really told how stressful it is. To be constantly waiting for the call. Your whole life is put on hold, your phone is constantly in your hand, and it disrupts sleep, as your just listening out all the time. We didn't go on holiday for that year, apart from some long lovely weekends in Birmingham. That way we could relax knowing if my husband had the odd pint, we could get a taxi to the hospital.

In the end I got within a couple of months of losing my life, but you can never give up hope. I got the transplant call whilst in hospital after 4 weeks of nasal gastric feeding. Luckily it was the day before I was to be discharged from hospital, which would of meant my nutrition would have halted and I would have been removed from the list within a week or so after that, as I wouldn't have survived the operation.

I'm now 3 months post transplant, and I can honestly say I haven't felt this good in over 20 years. So I know everyday you wait is hard, it will be with it in the end. Good luck, and best wishes to you both

Bs1524 in reply to Craftynan

Thank you so much for sharing and I agree we must keep positive x

Hi honey. I agree with what everyone else has said. It is a very anxious time. Unfortunately, waiting is part of the process, both before and after he gets on the list 😏. Try to stay positive and do the things you enjoy together. We're all here for you.

Hello Pam,

I am so sorry I'm getting back to you so late.

Yes, I have experience with a liver transplant as my wife had hers on February 14th. I am not sure I'm the best person to talk to though. While we are grateful she was gifted with her life saving liver she has gone through major hurdles and challenges since. As a matter of fact she's back in the hospital as I type this. But please know this isn't the normal outcome.

They ran multiple tests as she was waiting for her liver and believe me they'll go over your husband with a fine tooth comb...repeatedly. Expect that as part of the process and yes they will find things, but don't let that scare you too much.

Once he's on the 'list' things do start moving quickly. Expect multiple call ups and turn aways...that is also part of the process. I think my wife was called up 5 or 6 times before they found a good match.

I wish you and your husband the best!

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