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Covid test


Hi, just asking for advice. I was diagnosed with cirrhosis nearly 4 years ago. Any advice on getting covid test faster? Ive been trying 3 days but none near by. I dont feel well enough to travel.. Im feeling unwell feel sick and dizzy. Feel like iv motion sickness but not moving . I have a cold and keep going hot and cold.headache for over 2 wks now. Anyone else had this?

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Can you not get one of the tests they send out to you?

Haven't even been on the testing site so don't know how it works.


Tormented in reply to AyrshireK

Unfortunately not Katie. Keeps tellimg me no tests availabe for home. Keeps offering a walk in miles away in bradford which is in lockdown and im in leeds. So im abit stumped. Thank you for your reply


Laura009 in reply to AyrshireK

Hi Katie. My hubby ordered 1 online about 6 weeks ago, arrived 2 days later. Did the test, filled in the online form for collection the next day. He put it outside our front door and was collected within the 1 hour time slot he was given. I somehow don't think it is that efficient now though. ( he tested negative by the way 😀)

There is a drive through testing centre at one of our park and rides. Staff there were shown twiddling their thumbs on the local news while someone here from Norwich was sent to Inverness for a test. So don't know what's going on. I guess this centre is set up but has no tests available dispite the website saying they have .... confused?? We all are 🤔


I think you have to keep trying each day for a home kit

Just a thought it may not make any difference but have you downloaded the new Covid 19 app. Try ordering from there, just maybe they reserved some for app users maybe....worth a try,

or the other avenue would be to call nhs111 service they will point you to at least a GP if they think it’s a cold related problem, if they tell you you need a test it may give some priority to getting one. Hope all works out for you.

Tormented in reply to Candy12

Thats a good idea. I will try that. Im trying any avenue I can. Thank you

Had a nightmare getting a test in Leeds too even if willing to go there.

Ended up paying for private test where they delivered Royal Mail Guaranteed one day and collected By courier following day. Only problem was that despite getting positive you’re not then included as positive in any stats or as recognised by NHS - told you to get an nhs test.

Test only reliable in first 6 days of having virus but you say you’ve been ill longer?

Doesn’t change your treatment whether you have confirmed as having it or not?

The testing process is a joke - even seen slots available but when try to book after entering about 30 bits of data you find they’re not available. Also tried for 3 days and got nothing.

To be fair when partner who has it struggled with his breathing and called ambulance they arrived in ten minutes and excellent treatment- they calmed him down as his breathing was a bit laboured but he’d started panicking and got to point where then been really struggling for breath. He has no sense of smell or taste, did have temperature although that’s reduced considerably, has a bad cough and very bunged up head. He caught it at work - his employer made it to look North (local news) for having 16 confirmed cases and lots more unable to get tests or waiting for results (not that they admitted that)

If you can’t get test just have to follow self isolation rules, drink lots of fluid and take paracetamol if you can unless you get to point where very breathless and call ambulance.

Hope you feel better soon.

Tormented in reply to JulieLeeds

Its ridiculous. Iv had the same trouble. Was contemplating paying for 1 yesterday £119 . Glad I didnt now. Iv just emailed my gp surgery, I have bad asthma as well. So I will just have to wait and see. Thank you


Can you maybe try and contact your GP or liver consultant? Good luck and keep us posted.

Tormented in reply to Trust1

My gp gave me a telephone consultation and perscribed me steriods and antibiotics. Told to try these, if it dosent get better ring back. So hopefully it will do the trick, fingers crossed. Still no test though. Thank you for your suggestions.


Trust1Administrator in reply to Tormented

We hope you feel better soon.

Tormented in reply to Trust1

Thank you

So here i am in hotel st james. Just had a lunbar puncture and ct scan . Looks like another night in here. Rushed in yesterday. The covid test. I finally got a home one with persistance. It s waiting merrily for me at home. No results back from the one i had yesterday. Keep your goodselves indoors please. Its not a nice place to be. Keep yourselves safe. X

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