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Test results and medical advice

Hi everyone,

Thank you for joining our online liver community.

We have noticed a recent increase in followers posting test results and asking for medical advice.

This forum is here to share experiences and provide support to each other and we would advise against posting any test results or asking for specific medical advice. This is not a medical forum and should not be used to try and make diagnoses or replace advice from your own medical practitioners who have a much wider view of your health and test results.

Many thanks for your ongoing support and understanding.

British Liver Trust team

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Waves to Rebecca..thanks!

This forum is a life saver for many of us. I always try to remember to say I'm not a doctor and everyone is different , because they really are. Liver disease may have many of the same factors, but our genome, blood, age, and sex, all of it makes it highly specific as it differs from person to person. I have HE for instance, hepatic enchalopothy, but am post transplant AND pre, as I am now on the list for a new liver and kidney. My HE has it's own trajectory going from being out of it for two days weekly to now just a few hours at a time and sleeping constantly. I'm an artist and my consultant wants to do a study on how my art has been helping to focus my brain and stop the flapping. She is wondering if this might help other patients, saying they have never seen such intricate work being produced by someone with serious HE.

So! They too are discovering new things all the time..what works for one may not help another.

I'm just grateful this forum exists because unless you have serious liver disease, it can be so hard to explain!

Meeting others really has helped me learn, grow, and not feel so alone!

Cheering you and the forum on,



Thanks Kimberly,

Your posts are always such a help to others in a simliar situation. We hope you are managing ok at the moment.

Warm wishes from us all at BLT

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thanks..I had to go and change something in my you got through it!




I humbly suggest that people post their test results here because they're looking for some informed opinion in the absence of it been provided by the medical profession. It's a common complaint on this forum that Doctors say such and such an enzyme is high etc and most people are none the wiser. Of course we could all google it-how about that!

However the point is well taken that lab results differ from here to there and all that..


I agree, but.... Time in clinics is limited, often no information is given, or conflicts between Drs sometimes only an hour apart. Whilst this is not a medical forum, it does help to narrow down which questions to ask in your short clinic appointment and I'd rather ask people who have been through it than rely on Google. I'm an academic and therefore have access to lots of research papers etc which helps, but most people don't. Sometimes this forum is the only place to ask questions. It might help to have a sticky that explains what is meant by "lab norms". What basic terms mean such as INR, GGT, AST etc and maybe a suggested list of questions, these might be on here but I haven't found them. Also things like lists of high salt foods such as I found on the heart foundation website. When I asked the Dr a bout this he said no crisps and don't add salt at the table. Not much help as I don't think I've eaten a pack of crisps in the last 5 years! More helpful was discovering just how high in salt things live olives and cheese are (my snacks of choice) even celery is app high in salt! A big thank you to BLT (something else off the food list), but a little flexibility on the results thing can be a real help.

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Thanks for your reply. We do have a publication 'Liver disease tests explained' that explains more about liver function tests;

Additionally, our publication 'diet and liver disease' is also useful;

We always ask followers to discuss their test results and diet needs with their own doctors as different conditions require different advice and assessment.

Warm wishes,



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