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Husband Had Transplant on Friday!!!

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Wow so everything happened so quickly we barely had a chance to think! He was on his way to have his fortnightly Ascites drain at our local hospital (10am) when he got the call from the Royal Free to say they had a potentially viable liver and to get there ASAP. By 4.39pm they’d started the op and by 4.00am on sat morning they’d finished, so about 12 hours.

We visited yesterday (sat) afternoon and was surprised to see him awake and chatting away (most of it total nonsense because of the painkillers) so, so far so good 😊

Thank you all for your support and tips for the road to recovery after TP much appreciated......I’m still in shock at the swiftness of it all!!

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Fantastic news so happy for you x

Wonderful news. Onwards & upwards.xx

Great to read such brilliant news. All the very best for his recovery and a wonderful life ahead for you both and your family xx

Happy days dear Heart 😇

Congratulations, all my love to you all x

Congratulations on your news, it’s a great feeling. Good luck with the weeks ahead, just take things slowly and call the transplant coordinators for any advice after discharge. They will answer any questions, whilst you are there.

Great stuff Heart! Think that is great that it happened so quickly like that 👍 - wow though it must have been a panic for you both.!

Continuing good luck to you both 👍



So pleased for you both, it must be a lovely feeling knowing it's done. Make sure you rest as well before the comes . Love and hugs to you both Lynne xxxx

Brilliant news. Getting the call and all going ahead swiftly.

Awake and chatting the same day is amazing

Sending you very best wishes for the future.


Wow great news. Fancy him sitting up and chatting. It’s very encouraging to read such a cheerful post.

How long had your husband been waiting ?


Made up for you both. It's not so long since we were conversing with your last post about optimising your husband pre transplant. Thankfully that worry has past and you can look forward now. Just take things easy, there's lots of help and support from his team and us here.

Take Care x

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RnRHeart in reply to Robbie21

Cheers it’s been such a fast process, I think he’s been very lucky x

I'm now in bed in a lot of pain. I had this a few weeks ago and it's come back. Just under my breast bone is agony whether I'm hungry or I'm eating. Any ideas???

Great news, all the very best wishes x

Wonderful news !!!

What a whirlwind that was 🙂. Wishing you all the very best

Wow wonderful news! Good luck to him and yu all over the coming weeks and months, the start of a whole new chapter.


Brilliant news, I had my transplant 12 weeks ago in Edinburgh, like your husband all happened so quickly( as they say in assessment week)

Anyway I can help post Transplant please message

Let’s not fo get it’s a trauma to our bodies ( the recipient), and a long recovery but our family and friends have also been on and will continue to be on an emotional rollercoaster

Thanks to all the doners and their families who gave us the best gift ever

RnRheart Best of luck to you and your husband X

Best news ever. I can remember the smile on all our faces and the joy in our hearts after my husbands transplant 2 years ago . Sneak in a little me time while he is being so well looked after. My hubby was home in 8 days!

Wow, what fabulous news I have a friend in there too just had his transplant. His name is Paul, maybe you will meet him.

I am so totally happy for you. Tell him to drinks lots of water. So thrilled for you. Jaycee

That's Great News, I hope his recovery is quick and uneventful🤞🤞🙏🙏


That is fantastic for you both, wishing your hubby a speedy and uncomplicated recovery.

Best wishes to you both. Lesley

Wonderful , wonderful news Heart ! I'm so happy for your hubby, yourself and for your families and friends!

Please give hubby our love and may his recovery be a speedy one with no lifting for about 6 months.

Loads of love to you both .

Trish 😘

Wonderful news. Yes it’s such a whirlwind on the day of the transplant and a lot of it out of your control.

So good to hear he is up and chatting nonsense-I remember that period well. So onwards and upwards. Remember to be gentle and no lifting.

Best wishes to you both-Peter

What wonderful news and it's great it happened so quickly and it was a match. I was the same pone call in early hrs transplanted a few hrs later 1st call as well. Take care remember baby steps it's a big operation and u need time 2 recover.

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Good morning RnRHeart,

Glad to your good news ! Take care in your recovery and keep us posted.

Best wishes,


Short notice of an operation is sometimes a blessing as there is so little time to get wound up about it. It was probably something of a dash to just get there on time!

So, now the recovery and a bright future!

Take your time, lot's of rest and sweet dreams of the better days to come.


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