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On transplant list ascites

So hubby on transplant list which is great news. He had his ascites drained and now no pain and breathing better. He hoovered and cut the grass. Thanks all for you advise and help. It really does help in time of need. Hopefully next post will be we got the call xx

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Good to hear that your husband is on the transplant list. It can be tempting just to stay in and wait for the phone to ring -try not to jump every time the phone does ring and try to do 'normal' things every day, going out for a walk etc. The transplant coordinators WILL get hold of you when a liver becomes available and they wont forget about him, it is easy to think they have when time goes by and you hear nothing !


Thanks your advise and support


Thanks for advise. He’s also in habit to carry phone with him at all times


Keep the faith. It WILL happen x


Thank you


Great News for your Hubby to be on the list👍👍 Hope the call comes very soon.Could you send him round to cut my grass🤣🤣🤣



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