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Hi everyone

Im having a liver biopsy in two days and I'm really scared. Is it that bad?

a couple of my blood levels are really high and and ultrasound and mri have not shown anything so a biopsy was suggested. I am overthinking it?

Would love to hear from any of you that have had it done?

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could you do fibroscan?

They never offered that to me as an option. Maybe they are thinking the biopsy will confirm what they suspect it is.

A Fibroscan is no good for seeing what is going on at a cellular level within the liver which is where the biopsy comes in.

Fibroscan is unreliable when the liver has ongoing inflammation, we have countless people on here who have been told they have more damage than they really do as it can't differentiate between inflammation and fibrous tissue.

MRI having shown the liver texture is ok is good news because something like cirrhosis would almost certainly have shown up on MRI but scans can't tell you where in the liver there is a problem and this is where biopsy comes in and it's ability to say which cells or parts of the liver are inflamed or struggling.

Biopsy is pretty straight forward, for most folks it is relatively painless, you get a local anaesthetic at the site of the needle insertion. For most folks the most annoying bit is the lengthy spell afterwards when you are confined to bed for a few hours to make sure you don't bleed. Make sure you take your book, kindle, music or whatever you can do to pass a few hours of sedentary time.

All the best, Katie

Thanks Katie I’m so glad I came on this forum it’s great to get advice.

All the best

You have to put pressure for it they don’t offer

Honestly it was fine. I hardly felt a thing. The hard bit is lying in bed for a few hours afterwards. So take a good book. Good luck, and don't worry. Jacquie.

Thank you so much for those tips. Really appreciate it. Pam

I was terrified before mine but it wasn't too bad at all . I didn't even feel any pain afterwards and yes, take a book !

Now waiting for the results.................

Thank you and Fingers crossed for you’re results x

You'll be fine, I've had a biopsy and didn't really feel much, it's more a bit of discomfort than pain. As the others said take a book or do what I did, lay back and listen to some music. I found it makes time pass quicker. Good luck.

Thank you so much. I feel much better about it now.

Regards Pam x

I did fine. I was sedated but still with it. It was not bad at all and I had no complications. Don’t worry.

Thank you for the reassurance. It means a lot. Pam x


I hardly felt a thing, it was fine. Like everyone else has said, the worst bit is lying down for a few hours after. Please let us know how you get on and your results, when you get them. Take care Lynne

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Thank you so much for you’re reassurance.

I really appreciate it.


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You are very welcome. Take care Lynne

Thank you for bringing this subject up I’m having a Liver biopsy next week and kinda pushed it to the back of my mind but think deep down I’m nervous about the procedure and the result, it’s been really helpful to read the reassurance on here given to you x

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Good luck to you too. Hope it all goes well. Thanks to everyone on here I feel so much better about it. X

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Just had my biopsy yesterday. Two local anaesthetic injections and didn’t feel any pain at all. Actual procedure only took about 5 mins.

Totally nothing to worry about. Good luck for it.

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Thanks for letting me know really appreciate that

I had a biopsy done last year because they wanted to investigate some 'nodules' they'd seen. It wasn't too bad - minor discomfort only with a local aneasthetic.


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Hi Ron, what was the outcome of your nodule investigations (if you don’t mind me asking)

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RonShirt in reply to UK007

They said that they appeared to be non-cancerous (at this stage!). But they would still like to get rid of them. I think that actually it would be quite a usual thing to find such nodules in someone who is 70+, so I'm rather reluctant to have them 'zapped' at the moment!

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Thank you I ask because nodules was mentioned by my consultant ... biopsy next week as mentioned so let’s see what that throws up! All the best and wishing you continued stability x

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Thanks, I hope to hear from you again!


Hi i have had a liver biopsy through the neck and was a bit nervous but it wasn't that bad. They said the neck 1 was the best option 4 me in relation 2 bleeding . Like everybody else the worse part is lying on ur back 4 a few hours. You will be fine take care.

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Thank you for you’re support and advice. Really appreciate it x

I underwent a liver biopsy 2 weeks ago and I was so afraid of the process and the results.My LFTs were/are so high but I got the results on Saturday last week which overall are not so bad as its Chronic hepatitis grade 2 level1 caused by Mesacol,a drug I have been taking for a year for Ulcerative colitis.

I will pray for you that you will be well and you will lead a happy healthy life.

Thank you for you’re advice and support, really appreciate it.

Pam x

Hi My Wife refused a biopsy a number of times for the simple reason if they know or suspect then they are only confirming data for their own purpose, the other issue is say there take a sample from a good area it will give a false reading, my wife insisted on a fibroscan which will give a better reading of scarring of Liver

Thank you for you’re advice that’s great. Hope she’s ok now. Pam

I just had one too. It was OK. The waiting about before hand was the worst bit for me, but the procedure was fine. I had little pain afterwards.

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