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Thank you lovelies! Ultrasound Elastography? Anybody had one?

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First of all, wanted to say thankyou to everyone that commented and for the support on my last post, I wish you all well in your various appointments and in getting your diagnoses and treatment. I had an appointment with dermatologist today, waste of my time and his really, nothing he can do as I expected. I had really positive appointments with haemotologist and hepatologist weds,n thurs this week though and was told by the latter, under no circumstances do I let primary care deal with anything to do with my condition ever again, (N.O. in capital letters, tell them to contact me) were his exact words. He told me it's crucial for me to be monitored by a hepatologist and haemotologist till I leave the mortal coil, so I don't feel like so much of a drain anymore. He isn't too worried about my liver, as long as I stick to the venesections the hcc and cirhossis risk should be minimal, and no biopsy! Phew.... πŸ™‚. He's ordered an ultrasound elastography, to see where I'm at and to use as a baseline going forward, has anybody had one of these? Is this similar/ same as a fibroscan?? My Dr says he trusts results more than an elf blood test and fibroscan. I trust him but I can't seem to find much about it online and a lot describe it same as a fibroscan? Thanks in advance , Stacie. Xxxx

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When I had my FibroScan the gastroenterologist wrote 'elastography' on the request form. Elastography and FibroScan must be identical. I got a median score for liver stiffness (4.3 kPa) and a Metavir score (F0-F1). Metavir scores in the F2 & F3 categories are indicative of fibrosis & F4 cirrhosis however inflammation could raise the score so it's not necessarily dead accurate at measuring the degree of fibrosis or cirrhosis. How higher scores are interpreted also depends on the reason for the higher score e.g. alcohol, auto immune disease etc.

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Thanks Edward, I thought they must be similar if not the same. I was puzzled as I know there is no 'fibroscan' machine at my local hospital where it is to take place. Thanks again. πŸ™‚

Fibroscans are not the only machines that are capable of ultrasound elastography, but that is what a fibroscan does and is the big gun on the market so it will likely be that machine they use. Good luck on the test. Break a leg! (or do we bust a varices?) πŸ˜…

Regardless let us know how it goes!

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Thanks Phoenix 😁, I now realise fibroscan is the name of the machine! πŸ˜‚ although I know there isn't a 'fibroscan' at my local so I was confused, also my hep Dr said what I'm having is better!?! All I got was elastography and a consultant radiologist is doing it. Im sure itll be ok, he's not worried, but I'll let you know, thanks Phoenix. 😊

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I had an ultrasound with elastography just before Christmas and I thought it was a fibroscan machine but it wasn’t. I saw my consultant yesterday and he did a fibroscan while I was there. They do both measure liver stiffness ne number whereas the fibroscan emits several and then does the median. I asked what the number was from the elastography and it corresponded to the metavir score I was given yesterday so I making an assumption that that is what it outputs. The fibroscan score corresponded to the metavir to confirm my fibrosis level. The examination is the same although when I had the fibroscan I could feel the β€˜flick’ of the pulse more than with the elastography.

Together With my blood tests they provided a full picture of my liver health.

Good luck and let us know how you get on!

Hope this helps,

Owlie x

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Brilliant owlie, Yes its a big help, thankyou πŸ™‚. Maybe my hep Dr has more trust in the calculations taken manually than by the fibroscan machine and that's why he suggested it's better. Thanks again. 😊

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Hi Stacie

I had an ultrasound last Monday and I actually got to see my liver that day and how it was 6 months ago there's no change which is good.

The fibroscan I had 12 months ago with a KPA of 19 which is high I get the impression that my consultant truly doesn't trust the accuracy of the fibroscan, there is a difference between the ultrasound and the fibroscan on the ultrasound you can actually see the organs I think the fibroscan gives an indication of how reactive/stiffness the liver actually is.

I wish you luck with your procedures.

Hayley X

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Hi Hayley, thanks for your reply and input, it's greatly appreciated 😊. I'm glad you've had no change, that's great liver wise! I think he will probably do a normal ultrasound alongside, that's how I was monitored previously. I'm just glad to be under the proper care now, primary care don't understand my condition so they were doing ultrasounds too quickly to be looking properly, not really knowing what they're looking for, in my local gp surgery, and just saying "yeah, your livers fatty, lose weight" this is why the hep Dr was livid and said not to let them touch me again. I think I'll now need ultrasounds every 6 months or so and regularish elastographies from now on. Wishing you continued good health!

Stacie. Xxx

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Thank you Stacie same to you and good luck we are made of touch stuff us Yorkshire Lasses 😘😘

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Hi, the ELF test is done after the Abdominal scan that discovers the fatty liver.

ELF stands for Enhanced Liver Fibrosis test and determines the level of fibrosis within the liver and which stage liver disease you are at.

I’ve just recently had these done myself.

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ELF is proving to be the most accurate compared to ultrasound elastography as it is far less influenced by outside forces such as inflammation.

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