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5 months post transplant

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Hi l am new on here l had cirrosis and received my transplant in Feb this year l have been realy good only problem is my diabetes after steroidsbut it is coming back to normal now they are finished but l am still on insulin

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Hi pieman!

Welcome to this phantatstic phorum

Congrats on your TP. 👍. If diabetes is the only “issuette” you have then that’s good news indeed. I had diabetes for 35 odd years (yes they were odd actually when I look back 😁) before TP but never had insulin until after TP. But they knew BSL was going to go high(er) because they started to give me insulin straight away. Now 10 months post TP and insulin was stopped about 4 ish months ago yippee. Hope you get to stop yours soon as well!

Good luck


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Yes hope its better soon transplant means so much for me l now volunteer in the transplant unit in Edinburgh Royal doing peer support l love it l also recently helped in making a short film to promote the support groups ran by the British liver trust its on facebook in the Scotland liver trust page thanks for contacting me

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That’s really good stuff you are doing 👍👍. Hope you can keep it going it going 👍.


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Hello Kelpieman

Firstly welcome this amazing forum of wonderful people!

I'm not a TP patient so cannot comment on your medical condition! However I wanted to thank you for your volunteering work in Edinburgh and your video which I take a look at!

Good luck and hope your TP recovery keeps going in the right direction !

Love Trish

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Thanks Trish think we did a good job with the video hope it encourages people to attend the groups


I’m curious but did you have diabetes before your TP or was it caused by the drugs?

I’m also suffering with my kidneys. Currently still working however my eGFR is currently 40 and still dropping. Not causing me any problems I know off but I’m sure it’s just a matter of time.

Best wishes - Peter

Yes Peter l had type 2 diabetes l have been diabetic since 1997

Hi Kelp. Now I'm going to tell you an opposite condition. I had diabetes type 2 for more than 20 years before I was transplanted last August. I was told that my diabetes may get worse after transplant. It didn't, then roughly 6 months after transplant I was told that my diabetes was in remission and it has remained that way since. I did lose weight through illness with cirrhosis and HCC, at transplant I weighed roughly 14 and a half stone. After transplant I started to gain again after eating lots of protein to aid healing. I decided 3 months after transplant to go on a healthy diet to try and get to my target weight. I'm 6 feet tall and now weigh just under 13 stone. At my heaviest (when diagnosed with diabetes) I was nearly 17 stone. I'm sure that if I checked on the NHS site the weight that I am now should probably be less for my height but this is the weight I'm happy at and also the weight I was at 20 years old. So In my case I think it was the dieting that did it + of course my new liver. Hope that your figures improve for you soon. All the best Alf.

Hi Alf l am only 5ft 5 and weigh 90kg l know l need to lose weight l eat healthy and walk a lot so l expect it will come down eveventually John

Hi John. I'm positive it was the weight loss that put me in remission. Stick with it, and eventually you'll get there. It's not easy I know, I loved my food and all the extras like cream cakes and chocolate. I only have the extras as a rare treat now. Now I'm in remission it's also another reduction on the meds I have to take. They told me at clinic because I've lost weight it helps with my new liver function, which apparently is excellent and also my joint problems. Alf

Hi there I’m also five months and had mine on the 22nd of February at Birmingham’s QE.

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