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Generally getting sick more

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My soon to be ex husband was diagnosed with cirrhosis stage 2 (he is in denial)

Does anyone who was diagnosed with cirrhosis generally get sick more? From experience.

This man was never sick and hardly got sick now he seems to always get colds

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Your liver plays a role in your immune system, fighting infections etc. so it is possible that this together with generally being run down due to cirrhosis can cause a person to be more susceptible to other bugs etc.


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When you say that he is in denial, what is that from, the diagnosis?

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Yes. He says that he is not an alcoholic. He was told twice that he has cirrhosis and is going back for a third doctors opinion. With this he still drinks.

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He knows that if he does not stop, then it will kill him. His liver simply cannot tolerate anymore alcohol. Ask the hospital if they have an alcohol counselling service. They are the best people to see him accept the reality.

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I have been exactly where you are. If he continues drinking with cirrhosis he wilk get sicker and sicker and it WILL kill him.

Poor you. He’s about to marry you and drinking himself to death. This might sound drastic, but there’s not much future for either of you from what you’ve written. How about you regain some power here and give him an ultimatum to stop (not cut down) drinking or else.

Good luck. I stopped on my own, but I was very very selfish to my wife to be a heavy drinker for a decade. I don’t mean I was nasty or abusive, although I’d argue more after a few beers, but it’s not pleasant at all to live with a heavy drinker.

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Shes about to divorce him not marry him

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Oops, sorry

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Oh yes for sure. I was literally sick with back to back flus and cold from November to March. Immunity is lowered in cirrhosis and your more prone to infections. Mind you his general health is obviously doing a nose dive since he is still drinking with cirrhosis. May seem ok to him now but, once he passes the line to decompensated cirrhosis (which is inevitable if he keeps drinking) its quit drinking or death. Its that simple. Its easier to be in denial in stage 1 and 2 as the liver is still compensated and he likely doesnt have any glaring symptoms that stand out to him as having cirrhosis. Especially when comparing the symptoms to the ever misleading google search. Not much one can do for people who refuse to accept their health situation. But Alas denial is a part of a grieving process so he may snap out of that hopefully.

Your soon to be ex appears to want to continue with his lifestyle even knowing it is going to end his life. I know how you must feel because I too had to walk away from my last relationship because of his drinking. Sometimes love is not enough. I went through him suffering from a rare cancer, He was diagnosed just 2 months after we met. I told him cancer didnt define him. He drank a lot then but was always just funnier and dafter, plus I put it down to the the battle he faced. He had major surgery by lazer and was one of the blessed 5% in that all of the cancer was removed. There was no drugs or chemo, it was a case of all removed, you live, if not you die. He swore he owed is life to amazing surgeons and was giving up alcohol and smoking. That lasted 2 weeks. He was soon on his 8 plus pints a day again. His persona changed and he became a nasty drunk. l explained that it was unacceptable but he eventually broke me. It was difficult when he had the cancer, knowing I could lose him. His drinking was out of control and I realised I could not watch and see him kill himself.I can empathise with you because its not what you would chose. The only person who can make the choice is him. You have done all you can and must never put any blame on yourself.There are several heartbreaking stories on here of women who were there until the bitter end. The hold of the alcohol was too hard to beat and these poor women were left heartbroken and devastated. Hazelx

Theres no rule that says someone has to be an alcoholic before alcohol damages their liver!

If the diagnosis is definatly stage 2 cirrhosis ANY alcohol is going to cause the disease to get worse and kill him and NO alcohol is probably going to let it stay as it is for many more years and not cause symptoms or problems.

I quit drinking and now my Dr says I will die with cirrhosis and not because of it!

If the diagnosis is stage 2 fibrosis (a common mistake confusing cirrhosis and fibrosis) he is not (yet) in a fatal disease spiral but is getting early warning signs.

My partner is stage 3 with fatty tissue liver disease. He struggles much more. Part of the issue is the meds he has to take. I would try to be sympathetic..try and do well being events. Get him to keep as healthy as you can. I do sympathise as you do have to adjust. You have to recognise your relationship dynamic does alter. How could it not.

I too was in denial. I used to throw up. Also was generally run down.

Isabelle xx

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