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Four weeks post Liver transplant

Just to introduce myself,my names ansil and had a DBD liver transplant day roughly four weeks ago.and I decided to join the forum to document my progress and to see if I could help any one else in a similar position.after being listed in November 2018 at the amazing Queen Elizabeth university hospital Birmingham I only had to wait till March 22nd before getting the call at 01.30 in the morning. And what a rollercoaster it’s been.while waiting at the hospital from two thirty went into theatre at six in the evening and came out eleven hours later to the relief of my a 49 year old man who’s had hep C all his adult life only getting rid twelve months prior to my transplant without knowing I had it.Although five years earlier had my first of four oesophagal bleeds with the accompanying conditions that go with it.IE fatigue,encelopathy.asities and fluid retention.But until November it didn’t stop me doing a physical job.ill leave it there for now hope someone gets something from reading this as much as I get from reading other posts on here.x

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Welcome Ansil and thank you for sharing your story. We hope you find support on here from our amazing forum members.

Once you are more recovered from the op and if still wish to share your story, perhaps with the Liver Trust to raise awareness- then so PM me and we can have a chat.

Take care and continued good health,



Congratulations on your transplant Ansil and welcome to the forum. It looks like from the picture that you're going to have a nice neat scar. I hope that you are recovering well and you are managing to get mobile again. Lovely to have the summer in front of you for your recovery. I am 7 months post transplant (luckily only on the list 10 weeks) and all my tests for my liver are spot on. I got the early morning call too, such a wonderful surprise even though you are waiting for it. Wishing you all the very best and hoping that your recovery is speedy. Alf


Welcome Ansil! So happy for you that things are on the mend after such a long uphill battle. Look forward to chatting more in the future. Take things slow and get yourself back to top notch. Congrats and best wishes!

Ps silly me was looking at your pic upside down at first and for a brief moment thought they had taken your spleen by accident! Lol 😳🙂


Hi Ansil. Welcome. Congratulations on your transplant. Thanks for sharing your story. Look after yourself and hope you have good recovery. Take care x

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Hello Ansil,

Welcome to the forum, you will find lots of support and advice here.

It is a great feeling to be through the operation and getting back onto your road to recovery. I am just over 7 months post transplant, rollercoaster is the right word.

Please let us know how you get on, everyday is a giant step forward.



Congratulations on your transplant and continued good health. I think you will be very helpful to us on here with your experience before and after and the people that have already had transplants who may help you if you have any questions too. Thank you and all the best

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Congratulations Ansil, the worst part is done. Now for your recovery time, onward and upward you’re doing fantastic xx


Hello Ansil

I too would like to thank you for sharing your story to date so far and look forward to reading many more!

Take care my friend and don't go over doing things just yet😁

Best wishes



Welcome Ansil, your experience and knowledge will be welcome by people here, especially those who are on the pre-transplant side. I'm really glad you are doing so well post transplant (I am pre-transplant BTW)



Congratulations on your Transplant you can only get better the qe is a fantastic hospital and you will be well looked after I had my transplant at the qe easter 2017 good luck with your future which I'm sure you can look forward to


Hi Ansil,

Thank you for your information and willingness to be of help to others.

Best wishes,



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