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Post liver transplant. I've got my new life

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Post liver transplant. I had my liver transplant few weeks ago, I've got my new life. I am alive and able to bring my kids up.

Thanks everyone

Thanks NHS

Thanks Freeman Hospital Newcastle.

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Yeyy! 😊😊😊.

Thats great news.

Good for you, well done. The first few months can be hard, it's easy to want to get back on your feet and start to do things, but we all need to take baby steps at this stage. Your 50+ metal staples should be coming out soon, and you'll soon be able to stop self-isolating and avoiding contact with others.

How are you coping mentally? I ask this as many people can suffer with "Survivors Guilt" and similar symptoms to PTSD. This can be a hard time. Don't try and rush things, in fact, if you're being spoilt a lot, then just sit back and enjoy it, I recommend eating plenty of cake.

Happy rebirth.

Thanks Allen Yes my staples out now feeling better now physically and little bit feel better mentally . Trying to write thanks letter to donor family .it's very very hard . hopefully I will do in next few days.

Many thanks for support

I would hold back on that letter for a while. It is indeed one of the hardest letters you'll ever have to write. I too wrote mine just a few weeks after my transplant, and never received a reply (as sometimes happens).

There is never a right or wrong time to write this letter, but in hindsight, I think maybe it was too soon, as no doubt the donors family are still mourning their loss and emotions will be running high at this time. It may be better to leave it for say 12-months and allow some of those wounds to heal.

We don't always get to know much about our donor at the time of our transplant, but often there is a whole family to consider. This donor might well have had a mother and father still alive, possibly a wife or husband, and even children. So this loss at this terrible time may be very raw for so many.

Writing that letter at this time, may be good for you as your expressing your gratitude and allowing your feelings and emotion to flow through onto the paper. But I wouldn't send it just yet. Time is a good healer.

I had my fifth liverversary in the 1st Oct this year, and I wrote another two page letter to the donors family. I'm just hoping that I get a reply this time, but then if I don't I'll quite understand.

Good Luck.


HelloYes it's good time to write a letter but it's hardest for me . My family as well asked me leave for minimum 6 months to year .

Thanks friend

God bless you

That’s fantastic! Love your life and enjoy bringing up your kids . Onwards and upwards xx

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Many thanks xxx

Congratulations......great news.

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Hi that's great news I wish you all the best with your recovery 🤗

Thanks many thanks

So happy for you. Biggest blessing you could receive. ❤️

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Bundle of thanks

Many congratulations ! Look after yourself and enjoy your new life 😃 x

Thanks God bless you

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Thank you for sharing your positive story.

Wishing you well on your recovery


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Many thanks

That's fantastic news 👍xx

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Thanks and God bless you xxxx

Well done. It’s an amazing feeling afterwards as you know. Take it nice & slowly. It’s natural to want to write immediately afterwards, but as Richard said, take your time and let emotions settled down. I’m finally putting the last touches to my letter which I will be taking to Clinic this Friday to hand over. It is the hardest letter to write but once it done, it feels great.

Thanks I'm trying but I think am not ready it's take up to 6 months.Bundle of thanks

Congratulations, the road to recovery is slow, so pace yourself, but boy it’s worth it. Just remember all you’ve been told - and NO lifting!! Do the letter when you’re ready. I did mine about 6 months in, it is a hard one to do!! But you do feel better having done it.

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ThanksI'm trying to write letters but I think it's take minimum 6 months it's very hard.

That’s fantastic news good luck to you enjoy your life and enjoy your children’s life’s 👍👍.Stay Safe All

Dogbot 🐶🌈

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Congratulations 💕 👏🏻I think that your gut feeling will tell you when the time is right to write your letter. I'm guessing that all involved will be wobbling still, when you are ready you will write a beautiful thank you 👍🍀🌻

Thanks xx

Well done old boy 😀

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