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Pos-liver transplant


Hello everyone:

I was wondering if anyone with a liver transplant lost excesive weight, I had my LT a little over 2 months ago and have lost close to 50 pounds, lost all muscles but don't have the energy yet to workout! I walk and that's about it! Still have pain and numbness on my abdomen, recoupering it's been the hardest for me of the whole process. Good health and thank you!


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It's probably best you have a chat with your liver transplant coordinators or consultant in clinic.

If you've lost weight and muscle mass and didn't intend to then that's not a good thing. Be safe and get it checked out.

My hubby is 10 days since transplant and his Tx coordinators say to ring them and get checked out with things like that. They should always be there for you regardless of how long its been.

Good luck.


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Thank you darkmind

My team is intensely following me through my portal and phone chats since I had it done in another state, not mine, the told me that most people gain weight after LP but there's people like me they do totally the opposite and perfectly normal, I get a blood test once a week and send it to the clinic and my numbers are all good! Thank you for your advice, I totally appreciate it!


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Sorry, I meant to wish your hubby good luck on his recovery.

My partner is now 12 months post transplant. He has gone down 2 clothes sizes & remains like this. However he is fit & healthy & feeling really good. You are being closely monitored & your liver team would tell you if the weight loss was a problem. Don't forget before transplant your weight would have been more due to fluid retention. Walking is the best exercise for you at the moment, please be patient as you're only 2 months into your new life.

Wishing you well. xx

Thank you h0b0!

Great advice and hear it from family all the time! They think I'm impatient and they are right! :) I am glad your partner is doing great! I wish you both well!


Hi, putting weight back on is a problem for me. Over the last four months I went from 68kg down to 60kg. But at the diabetic clinic they say I have put back on 2kg. I eat well and often, but seems all is ok. As for numbness I still have it after 4yrs, time is now the healer..

Wow! Still have numbness after 4 years Brummi? I guess I better start liking my sponge abdomen lol... thank you for input! Good health and stay safe.


I'm still numb after 13 years. I doubt it will return now.

Oh nooo! I really didn't wanted to hear that but appreciate your honesty "goonergail" I don't like the numbness feeling one bit!


Hi Diz

Am 9 months post TP. Weight has stabilised at 10st7lbs. about the weight I was at 16(just turned 60). I think I am like a feather but the docs are happy with my weight!!! Pain getting 31 inch trousers!

Still some skin numbness around wound & ache in lower right abdomen. Take it steady & be patient in your recovery (easier said than done!)

I had a transplant 6 months ago I also lost all my muscle tone also lost 40 lbs for about 3months . I have gained it all back both weight and muscle tone.now I have to work on losing weight and toning up.

it will happen!

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